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Virtual Kartik Nabadwip Mandal Parikrama 2020
By Mayapur Chandra’s Team   |  Nov 20, 2020

(Photos by Ananta Vrindavan)

Kartik Navadwip Mandal Parikrama 2020 organized by the Mayapur Chandra’s, is a virtual medium by which devotees are taken on parikrama to the nine-islands and various holy places in and around Mayapur, India. They participate in hearing and chanting about the glories of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Their associates. Going on Navadwip Mandal Parikrama is already considered to be very auspicious, but by doing so in the month of Kartik, one’s devotional service is increased by many folds.

This year, the parikrama will be commenced on virtual platforms due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Date: 25th – 29th November, 2020 

Time: 8 PM onwards (Indian Standard Time)

Virtual Platforms:

Mayapur TV:

YouTube Mayapur TV channel:

YouTube Mayapur.Com channel:

Facebook Mayapur Chandra’s page:

Facebook Mayapur TV page:

Facebook Mayapur.Com page:

The following senior devotees have confirmed their participation and more are yet to confirm: Jayapataka Swami, Jananivas Das, Pankajangri Prabhu, Bhakti Purusottam Swami.

For more information:

Call: +919434951901 / +918001696512


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