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  • The Bhaktivedanta Players Release Damodara Lila Audio Drama

    In celebration of the holy month of Kartika, the Bhaktivedanta Players drama group of Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK, have made a seasonal audio play for children and families to enjoy.

  • Virtual Kartik Nabadwip Mandal Parikrama 2020

    Kartik Navadwip Mandal Parikrama 2020 organized by the Mayapur Chandra’s, is a virtual medium by which devotees are taken on parikrama to the nine-islands and various holy places in and around Mayapur, India.

  • Vrindavan, the Playground of God - WhatsApp Kartik Parikrama

    School of Bhakti, United Kingdom, will hold a virtual 30-day walkthrough of the mystical village of Vrindavan.

  • Sri Krishna Rasayatra - Mayapur

    Rasa Purnima marks the first of Sri Sri Radha Madhava’s weekly elephant processions in Mayapur. During this festival, Their Lordships come out of the temple and go on a procession around the Mayapur campus on the back of an elephant.

  • Mayapur Bubbling with Energy to Celebrate Kartik Month Festivities

    The sanctity of Mayapur, Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s birth place is non-different from Vrindavan so tens of thousands of devotees, pilgrims, tourists, senior Sanyasis are expected to throng to Mayapur during this month. 

  • Kartik Navadvip Mandala Parikrama 2019

    Kartik Navadwip Mandal Parikrama organized by the Mayapur Chandras is a small and intimate gathering of devotees travelling to various holy places hearing and chanting about the glories of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Their associates.

  • The Award-winning Documentary About the Yamuna Released in Six Languages

    The Stolen River, the multiple award-winning documentary about the River Yamuna has been released for public screening in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The film is now available in six languages: English, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 

  • In Search of Sweet

    It is only by intentional practices that we can begin to access spiritual tastes and emotions that are less obvious and more refined. 

  • Paramahamster - Dandavat Parikrama

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • Sri Damodarastakam Ceremony in Mayapur

    Kirtan led by Narahari Nityananda dasa.

  • Conquering the Lord of All Creations

    Mother Yashoda’s love is unmatched in purity and is unlike any other that even the infinite Lord who pervades the entire creation is bound by her love.

  • Book Review: Sri-Damodara-janani - The Perfect Kartika Read

    Sri Damodara-janani is the latest book from Sivarama Swami and the fourth volume of the Krishna in Vrndavana series, a unique retelling of the damodara-lila that weaves a captivating tale of the glories of Mother Yasoda. No other person has ever received the unique mercy that Krishna showed His own mother, teaching devotees for all time that the binding force of love for Him is more powerful than even His own supreme will.

  • Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama Starts in 30 Days

    Kartik Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama offers devotees the opportunity to visit the nine islands of Navadvipa (West Bengal, India) in the association of sincere devotees and to hear the glories of the Lord in His pastime places from many senior Vaishnavas. 

  • Kartik Navadvip Mandal Parikrama by Mayapur Chandras

    By the inspiration of Jayapataka Swami, The Mayapur Chandras team organizes Kartik Navadvip Mandal Parikrama every year. For more information please visit:

  • Gopinath!

    The beautiful deity of Gopinath was discovered at Vamsivat in Vrindavan 500 years ago by Madhu Pandit and Paramananda Bhattacarya. Madhu Pandit served Gopinath with great love and devotion for many years. Centuries later Gopinath was moved to Jaipur where He has been worshipped along with Srimati Radharani ever since. The temple is popular with the people of Jaipur, who come together daily to chant Radha Gopinath’s glories. Indradyumna Swami's parikrama party eagerly visits the temple each Kartika. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Lord Damodar With His Wooden Mortar Enters Bollywood

    On the evening of the 27th of Oct 2016, Bollywood fashion designer Rohit Verma invited Jayapataka Swami to have a Damodar program at his fashion studio in Mumbai. It was a short and well-organized program for which Rohit Verma had invited about fifty of his close friends including Poonam Dhillon Bollywood actress, Aditi Govitrikar, Bollywood actress, Vindu Darasingh Bollywood actor, Nisha Rawal Bollywood actress, Ashish Bollywood actor, and Kanwaljit veteran designer.  

  • Dedicated Dad and Pujari Celebrates 14th Consecutive Home Kartik Festival

    Dedicated father and pujari Ragunath Das Zaldivar is currently celebrating an incredible 14 consecutive years of Kartik festivals at his and his wife Yamuna Devi’s home in Alachua, Florida. “People like it because of the personal, family-like environment,” Ragu says. “It’s especially nice for the kids, who can get really involved. Not everyone has home Deities, but they want to see their kids engaged in service to the Lord." 

  • The Hidden Treasures of Braj

    A video by Ananta Vrindavan dasa.

  • Meditating on the Damodarashtakam: Verses 5-8

    "The Lord, being the performer of unlimited pastimes, is the reservoir of unlimited ecstasy. In loving him, our heart’s deepest longings for happiness will be perennially and perfectly fulfilled."

  • Meditating on the Damodarashtakam: Verse 3 & 4

    God is both great and sweet. Awareness of his greatness evokes submission, and awareness of his sweetness evokes affection. Devotee-seekers need to be aware of both features, for submission and affection symbiotically reinforce devotion.

  • Meditating on the Damodarashtakam: Verse 1 & 2

    Prayer is the universal language by which the human heart communes with the divine heart. Poetry is an artistic method for verbalizing the heart’s deep emotions. Singing is a popular method to express one’s emotions.

  • Damodara Lila From Little Krishna TV series
  • Sri Damodarashtakam

    The beautiful Damodarastakam prayers are traditionally sung during the auspicious month of Kartik. The month of Kartik is also known as Damodara. Damodara is a name of Krishna which refers to His childhood pastimes of getting into trouble and being bound by his mother.

  • New Vrindaban’s Autumn 24-Hour Kirtan to Give Devotees the Vrindavan Kartik Experience

    New Vrindaban’s autumn 24-Hour Kirtan – to be held from October 31st to November 1st this year during the sacred month of Kartik -- is rapidly catching up to its summer cousin in popularity.

  • Damodarastaka by Shabda Hari Das

    Damodarastaka, is a beautiful prayer that is sung everyday during the month of Karthika (Oct-Nov). It is accompanied by lighting and offering lamps to the Lord. These 8 verses describe the unique pastimes of Lord Damodara.

  • ToVP Kartika Announcement

    The TOVP team is providing an opportunity to offer a lamp in your name to Sri Sri Radha Madhava in Mayapur for the entire month of Kartika. All devotees who donate a minimum of one Golden Brick for the TOVP project will have a Kartika lamp offered in their name in Sri Dhama Mayapur.

  • Damodar Arati in a Chennai Mall

    In the central atrium of Chennai's Express Avenue shopping mall, a diorama of Little Damodar and Mother Yashoda seated on a altar decorated with colorful flowers and leaves came as a pleasant surprise to many. An astounding 3,500 lamps were offered just within two days.

  • Sri Damodarashtakam

    The beautiful Damodarastakam prayers are traditionally sung during the auspicious month of Kartik. The month of Kartik is also known as Damodara. Damodara is a name of Krishna which refers to His childhood pastimes of getting into trouble and being bound by his mother.  

  • Kartika Month and the Importance of the Damodara program

    A video by ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry (

  • Thousands Light Up Vrindavan for Month of Kartik
    Thousands of pilgrims from around the world are expected to flood into the sacred town of Vrindavan, India—where Lord Krishna lived 5,000 years ago—for the holy month of Kartik, from October 29th to November 28th.
  • Vrindavan Krishna Balaram Mandir Kartika Parikrama Schedule
    Kartika is glorified in the ancient sacred Puranas of India as very special for making spiritual advancement, and the best place to be in Kartika is Sri Braja Dham.
  • Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir Kartika Parikrama Schedule
    Kartika is glorified in the Puranas as very special for making spiritual advancement and the best place to be in Kartika is Sri Braja Dham. In fact this month is known as Damodar, since in the middle of this month, the Lord performed His very enchanting Damodar Lila.
  • Vrindavana Awaits!
    As the sacred month of Kartika fast approaches, devotees around the world make their travel arrangements for the long journey to Vrindavana. The sacred land of Radha and Krishna's eternal pastimes is the holiest of pilgrimage places for Gaudia Vaishnavas.
  • Second-Generation Artists Showcase “Kartik Vandanam”

    A troupe of second generation ISKCON artists performed for Kartik Vandanam 2, the second in a series of annual classical music and dance evenings, this October 17th in Vrindavana, India. Held in honor of Kartik, the most auspicious month of the Vaishnava year, the devotional “garland of prayer” was performed under the stars in ISKCON Vrindavana’s Bhaktivedanta School Gardens, which were lit with hundreds of lamps.

  • Month of Damodara Lights the Way Into Thousands of Homes

    For the holy month of Damodara, devotees in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley are going door to door to spread the glories of their Lord.

    Also known as Kartik and falling between the western months of October/November, the month of Damodar celebrates Lord Krishna’s pastime of being bound with ropes by Mother Yashoda, and is often observed by offering lamps or candles.