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Vrindavana Cows Kidnapped by Armed Thieves

By: on May 2, 2009

Subhangi Devi Dasi lives in Vrindavan India. Recently she was awoken early in the morning to witness a site none of us would even dream could be happening. Krishna’s cows are being violently kidnapped in the night. It is believed the cows are killed and sold for their flesh and leather products.

“I was sleeping,” Subhangi Devi Dasi says. “At 2.00 am I hear cows crying, people screaming and yelling. I run out to my balcony and see a truck backing away and cows franticly running in all directions down the lanes, all crying. I have never seen that in Vrindavan.”

Subhangi was witnessing the kidnapping of the local cows. “Then I see some local men throwing stones at the trucks and swearing in Hindi, some other men came with machetes and one with a rifle,” Subhangi says. These men were coming to protect the cows “The truck backed out of the road and drove off.”

Arjuna, one of the men trying to protect the cows says the kidnappers came with several trucks. “They caught and stole 48 cows just here in this area,” he says. “The men were ruthless, throwing the cows in the back of their trucks, beating then and in some cases killing them if they were resisting,” Arjuna says. “Blood was everywhere.”

Villagers say the kidnappers are armed attack anyone who tries to stop them. “A month or so back.” Arjuna says. “The police put up barricades to try to stop the kidnappers. That night they rammed the barricades with their trucks.”

“It is so out of control,” says Arjuna. “Vrindavan is the land of cows and these demons have become aware that there are so many cows and goshallas just ripe for the picking.” The locals are helpless. They can do little without risking their own lives.

It is reported that 15 days ago, when the police tried to stop them, the kidnappers rammed a police jeep. A policeman fired a shot and he got a rock in the head for his effort. It is reported that he police had to pull back as there were only four of them, whilst there were eight heavily armed kidnappers. “They criminals seem to be aware of how much resistance they will encounter and come prepared to meet it.;” Arjuna says.

“Sometimes they brick the cows in the head with rocks and sometimes shoot them or hack them with machetes if they resist,” says Arjuna. “They used to come in one truck now they travel with four trucks at a time.”

Subhangi Devi Dasi says she has heard the cows can fetch up to 10,000 rupees. It is no wonder kidnappers are armed and are prepared to injure even the police. Villagers who to try to prevent the kidnappings are said to be placing themselves and their families in a very dangerous situation.

Devotees and well wishers should contact Uttar Pradesh government ministers and demand action be taken against those who kidnap and kill cows. Kumari Mayawati is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Letters can be faxed to Minister Mayawati at the following fax number: +91 522 2237620.

Kidnapping of cows is a criminal offence In Vrindavan. Residents of Vrindavan say the villagers and cows need support and protection whilst the need resources to stop and catch those who prey on the cows.

You can also call Minister Mayawati directly on +91 522 2235733. If you wish you can send your letter by email to All the letters sent to this email address will be collated and presented to Minister Mayawati with a petition asking her government to take action.

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