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By: for on Nov. 27, 2010
Photo Credits: Thomas and William Daniell, The British Museum
Madan Mohan temple, on the Yamuna, Vrindavan, 1789. Pencil and wash drawing.
Vrindavan Today is a new website that offers daily news of Braj and Vrindavan Dhams — the temple and ashram life, special events, and environmental and heritage protection.

Vrindavan Today is a non-denominational, non-sectarian site dedicated to the uplift and positive development of the Dham. It is associated with the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance.

The goals of Vrindavan Today are:

- to attract readers from all around the world to experience the spiritual, religious and cultural glories of Vrindavan and Braj,
- to build a community of Vrindavan vasis beyond the limits of any one institution or organization,
- to create awareness of the positive work that different individuals and institutions are doing in Braj/Vrindavan,
- to publicize vital issues related to the “bhauma” Vrindavan of today, especially those concerning heritage and environment,
- to become an important source of information about these issues, both past and present, and
- ultimately, to engage people actively in ways that will serve the practical interests of the Dham.

Some recent articles that may be of interest:
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- Thousands of fish wash up dead at Vishram Ghat

The site managers welcome contributions from English or Hindi-speaking authors and photographers in the nature of relevant news articles, researched articles related to Vrindavan or its residents, or editorials related to the themes outlined above.
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