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Two Exciting Summer Camps for Children Offered at New Vrindaban 
By ISKCON News   |  May 28, 2024

Gaurangi Priya Dasi along with her mother, Kamalini Dasi and children from an earlier camp experience.

ISKCON New Vrindaban in West Virginia is offering devotee families two exciting summer camps for children this June – the Bhakti Arts Summer Camp and the Little Devi Summer Camp.

Bhakti Arts Summer Camp

The first event is the Bhakti Arts Summer Camp, to be held Jun 17 – 21st, 2024, 9am-4pm daily, for boys and girls aged 4-10 years old. The Bhakti Arts Summer Camp is a wonderful way for your children to experience the spiritual culture and beauty of our Bhakti path. Each day begins with yoga and japa meditation, introducing a fun-filled day with dance and movement, arts and crafts inspired by India, stories from the sacred texts with puppet shows, visiting the cows at the goshala, outside games, and friendship-building activities. A prasadam snack and lunch will be provided to the campers each day. The Camp will be facilitated by Gaurangi Priya Dasi, who was born and raised in the Hare Krishna movement and remembers fondly the immersive devotional play of her childhood, singing songs about Krishna, dancing about him, and hearing stories from the Srimad Bhagavatam. She has been running summer camps for children, along with her mother, Kamalini Dasi, for the past 17 years. Her intention and hope is to give her campers what she calls “happy Krishna memories,” with which they can learn and practice Bhakti in a wholesome, caring, and adventurous environment. Hundreds of children have attended her camps over the years, and she is very excited to provide this opportunity for the first time in the beautiful New Vrindaban surroundings. You can learn more about her service here. The cost for this retreat is $250. To register, click here. For additional information or questions you can send an email here or call (919) 259-1625.

Little Devi Summer Camp

The second offering is the Little Devi Summer Camp to be held Jun 24 – Jun 28, 2024, 9am-4pm daily. This Camp is designed around celebrating young girls as they are on the threshold of blossoming into young women. Learning to care for themselves, name feelings and emotions, journaling, yoga and meditation, stories from Goddesses around the world, learning and honoring the customs of the Devis of India, laughter and deepening friendships, crafts, and creating art are some of the activities that they will experience during this magical week! The Little Devi Summer Camp will be facilitated by Gaurangi Priya, who has been running children’s summer camps for 17 years.

Three years ago, she developed the format of the Little Devi camp after desiring to create a space for girls to come together and delve into art, movement, and self-awareness. She is an RN with a specialty in women’s health. She aims to open conversations about self-care and creating healthy habits during these foundational years for girls. The Camp is designed for girls aged 9-14 years old, and the cost is $250. To register, click here. For additional information or questions you can send an email here or call (919) 259-1625.

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