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TOVP Construction Resumes
By Sunanda Das   |  Sep 19, 2020

After over six months of halted construction on account of the India lockdown, work on the TOVP has successfully resumed.

Under the direction of Ambarisa Das, a special yajna (fire sacrifice) was performed on August 29th, the Appearance Day of Lord Vamanadeva, to bring auspiciousness to the planned restart of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium’s (TOVP) construction. As Vamanadeva took three steps which covered the entire universe, the TOVP team prays that this yajna, their endeavors and the prayers and blessings of all the Vaishnavas will bear spiritual fruit allowing them to complete the TOVP within the next three years and relocate the beloved Mayapur Deities into Their new home.

The next milestone in their efforts will be the grand and historic installation of the new Prabhupada murti in the TOVP during a three-day celebration of his 125th Appearance Anniversary Year in February, 2021.

February 25 – Nityananda Trayodasi / Worldwide Prabhupada Abhisheka

February 26 – Bhakti Charu Swami Samadhi Opening

February 27 – New Prabhupada Murti Installation

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If you wish to contribute to the Prabhupada Murti installation pease go HERE to find out more.