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Thousands Gather at ISKCON Auckland for Festival of Colours 
By ISKCON News   |  Feb 19, 2024

On Sunday, February 11th, ISKCON Auckland hosted their annual Festival of Colours, welcoming thousands to the Hare Krishna Centre campus, a 100-acre haven located 30 minutes drive from Auckland city center in New Zealand.

Organizers said around 9,000 pre-registered for the free afternoon event, but around 15,000 showed up for the festivities. Guests enjoyed the color throws, music,  vegetarian food, as well as visiting booths that taught about chanting and shared Srila Prabhupada’s books. 

A local member of Parliament, Chris Penk, spoke from the stage, saying that the contribution of the Hare Krishna community is deeply appreciated by the larger New Zealand society, “It gives me great pride to see such a gathering here today, everyone enjoying themselves…the values that you bring, the contribution you make is suitable for every New Zealander to take note of and to enjoy.” The event was covered by local and Indian media. 

To follow the inspiring service of the Auckland devotees, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.  For colorful photos and videos from the day, visit Temple President Kalasamvara Das’s Facebook page.

Photos: ISKCON Auckland/Kalasamvara Das.