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  • Devotees Invited to Refresh and Renew at Reimagined Festival of Inspiration

    One of the first of the retreat-style festivals currently so popular in ISKCON, Festival of Inspiration, launched in New Vrindaban in 2000, has always offered something a little unique. “Whereas previous Festival of Inspirations were a high-speed puzzle of eighteen different short presentations you could choose from, we now plan to offer people an immersive experience that they can dive into and experience together,” says ISKCON New Vrindaban temple president Jaya Krsna Das. “We also want to provide them with practical tips they can implement in their day-to-day lives.”

  • Vrindavan - The Sacred Place in My Heart

    A video by Anton Aleksandrov.

  • Aindra Dasa - Missed Melody from New Album
  • Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava Dayite - by The Kirtaniyas
  • Vrindavan's Sacred Parikrama

    The famous 3-hour parikrama around Vrindavan encompasses walking around thousands of temples, as many samadhis and a multitude of cows, brahmanas, sadhus and sacred places of all kinds. Some Vraja-vasis do it once or even twice a day. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Govardhana Puja Around the World in Photos

    Govardhana Puja – the sweetest day of the year – celebrates the day when Lord Krishna as a young boy lifted Govardhana Hill with just His little finger, to protect the residents of Vrindavana village from Lord Indra’s furious thunderstorm. Devotees around the world pour their hearts into their own offerings for the late October festival, engaging their creativity in Krishna’s service to often astonishing effect.

  • Vrindavan Film ‘Reconnection’ Wins 15 Awards

    Reconnection, a 40-minute film written and directed by Siberian devotee couple Shyam Gopal Das and his wife Vijaya Radhika Dasi, has been making a real splash in the film festival world. A cinema verite piece, it tells the story of tech professional Sean Fletcher, a typical victim of our Internet-addicted age. Emotionally and spiritually cut-off, Sean stops in Vrindavan, India on the way to Nepal, and finds that the sacred village breaks him down to his core and helps him reconnect with his own heart and inner values.

  • Badrinath in Vrindavan

    It is said that all holy places in India exist in their original forms in Sri Vrindavan Dhama. Indradyumna Swami and his parikrama group visited Badrinath (Badrikasrama) a two-hour drive from Vrindavan town through the countryside. As they approached Badrinath they were surprised to see a small mountain range. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Parikrama to Historic Madan Mohan Temple

    The Madan Mohan Temple, established by Sanatan Goswami, was the first temple to be erected in Vrindavan on the order of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu 500 years ago. Near the temple is the sacred samadhi of Sanatan Goswami. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • The Talavan Forest

    Talavan is one of the 12 sacred forests of Sri Vrindavan Dham in India. Even today, it retains much of the beauty it had 5,000 years ago during the appearance of Lord Sri Krsna. Indradyumna Swami and his parikrama party sat and discussed Krsna and Balarama's pastimes in that transcendental abode and relished the sweet chanting of Krsna's holy names for many hours. A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Govardhan Ecovillage's Vrindavan Forest

  • Sivarama Swami’s Latest Book Praises Motherly Love

    Sivarama Swami’s latest book, the fourth volume of the Krishna In Vrindavana series, is hot off the press. Shri Damodara-janani weaves a captivating tale of the glories of Mother Yashoda. No other person has ever received the unique mercy that Krishna showed His own mother, teaching devotees for all time that the binding force of love for Him is more powerful than even His own supreme will.

  • A Visit to Vrindavan's Madan Mohan Temple

    A video by Ananta Vridnavan.

  • Food for Life Vrindavan

    Food for Life Vrindavan ( is a humanitarian aid organisation officially recognized by the Indian government. For the last ten years, we have worked in the poorest villages in the Vrindavan area (120 Km south of New Delhi).

  • KIRTANIYAS - In Vrindavan feat. Sandipani Muni school
  • Radha-Raman Appearance Day

    On May 9, 2009 abhisheka ceremony of Radha-Ramana took place in His temple. It was His appearance day. The Abhisheka lasted for three hours and started from bringing water from the Yamuna. According to the tradition, young pujaris, who are the sons of the chief Goswamis, went to the Yamuna. A video by Vrindavan Experience.

  • 100,000 Wishes from China Offered to Vrindavan Wish Tree

    An intimate gathering of enthusiasts met under the tree at Kaliya Ghat in Vrindavan, and offered over 100 000 desires gathered on the interactive sculpture dress called “Mandala of Desires” (Blue Lotus Wish Tree) that was on display at the China Art Museum in Shanghai, from December 2015 to February 21. 2016, as part of the exhibition called “Forms of Devotion”, organized by the Belgian MOSA museum and Teamwork from India, and curated by Sushma K. Bahl and Archana Sapra.  

  • Hidden Treasures in Vrindavan

    A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Gopala Bhatta Goswami’s Gifts to the Vaishnava Community

    Today we’re marking the life of a great saint in our tradition who lived 500 years ago. He was the son of a Sri Vaishnava brahmana, Venkata Bhatta, and was born in a village near the famous temple town of Sri Rangam.

  • The First Russian in Vrindavan Was Tsar Nicholas, 125 years ago

    In 1891, Hindus who were bathing in the sacred river Yamuna witnessed an amazing scene. A ship with a name in an unknown language was approaching.

  • The Lake Of Love: Prema Sarovara

    Prema-sarovara is a lake formed from the tears of Radha and Krsna when They felt intense separation from each other. A video by Ananta Vrindavan, music by Jahnavi Harrison.

  • The Hidden Treasures of Braj

    A video by Ananta Vrindavan dasa.

  • Can India Be the World’s Bright Spot?

    On my way to the mall a billboard on the street caught my attention. It said: "Can India be the world's bright spot?" Google informed me that this was a question presented by Prime-Minister Narendra Modi to, basically, the society.

  • Govardhana Parikrama

    There are devotees of the Lord who circumambulate Govardhana hill two, or even three times, a day. Athough busy with visiting other holy places in Vrajamandala Indradyumna Swami's group of 350 devotees also managed to do parikrama around Giriraja twice during their stay in Vrindavan.

  • Prema Sarovara: The Lake Of Love

    Prema-sarovara is a lake formed from the tears of Radha and Krsna when They felt intense separation from each other. A video of Indradyumna Swami's parikrama party visiting Prema Sarovara, accompanied by Jahnavi Harrison's music.

  • Govinda Swami's Talk on Srila Prabhupada's Disappearance Day

    On this auspicious day of Srila Prabhupad's disappearance Govinda Swami have shared his wonderful memories about last moments with Him.

  • Rescuing the Stolen River Premiers at Asia’s Largest Green Film Festival

    The festival, which ran from October 9th to 13th at Delhi’s NDMC Convention Centre, is ranked in the top two environmental film festivals in the world. It deals with a vast range of issues including climate change, natural heritage conservation, biodiversity, and renewable energy. This year, the festival received a total of 178 entries from India and around the world. 


  • 'Reconnection' a Film about Vrindavan Wins at Indian Cine Film Festival

    More than 1300 films were submitted for the Indian Cine Film Festival. "Reconnection", the film about Vrindavan, has won the Jury Special Mention Award, that was presented to us by Indian filmmaking legend G.L. Bhardwaj. Listen to him speaking as he compares "Reconnection" to his own film “Land of Krishna” that won multiple International and National nominations including Presidential award. On the video: Maksim Varfolomeev (Shyam Gopal Das), the director of Reconnection, picking up the award, September 19th 2015. For more info check us on

  • Vrindavan Parikrama
  • KIRTANIYAS - In Vrindavan feat. Sandipani Muni school

    “In Vrindavan” is a new Music Video and Single by the Kirtaniyas featuring children from Food for Life Vrindavan, an all girl’s charity school run on donation basis in Vrindavan, India.

  • Is This Progress?

    My trip to India brought a few surprises. It’s been some years since I was last there and things are changing fast. The cities are still the same bustling mess of teeming madness, much like anywhere else I suppose, but it’s in the outlying rural areas that I was most shocked.

  • Srila Prabhupada’s Architect Surabhir Das Passes Away in Vrindavana

    Srila Prabhupada disciple Surabhir Abhipalayantam Das, who was the design coordinator for ISKCON’s flagship Indian temples in Vrindavana, U.P. and Juhu, Mumbai in the 1970s, has passed away. He left due to liver cancer on July 30th in the sacred land of Vrindavana, surrounded by devotees. All were chanting along to a recording of Srila Prabhupada’s kirtan.

  • Award-Winning Vrindavan Film Inspires Reconnection

    “People go to Vrindavan and their lives change… for the better,” says Shyam Gopal Das (Maksim Varfolomeev), who wrote and directed the 40-minute film Reconnection with his wife Vijaya Radhika Dasi (Olga Avramenko). The film has won an Award of Excellence from the Best Shorts Competition, whose previous winners have gone on to win Oscars and Emmys.

  • Thunderstorm in Vrindavan

    It's a hot season in Vrindavan and almost every day a dust storm comes. Sometimes it turns into a thunderstorm with spectacular lightnings. Short rain brings the heat down some and gives a long-waited relief. A video by Vrindavan Experience.

  • Vrindavan Devotees Ask Modi to Control Town’s Urbanizing

    Recently, devotees of Vrindavan started a petition asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to control the town’s “modernization”, as they think it is neither suitable to the holy place, nor sustainable. According to many in Vrindavan, modernization has reduced this place to a weekend spot for tourists instead of a sacred place of pilgrimage.

  • Kurma Rupa: A Life of Service to Krishna’s Cows and Devotees

    Kurma Rupa was born to Mexican parents and grew up in New York. At 21, he was drafted for the Vietnam War. “While I was in the army, I prayed for the first time in my life,” he recalls in the recent short film ‘My Part of the Bargain.’ “I prayed very intensely that, ‘My dear God, if you save me from having to go to war, then I will figure out how to serve you.’”

  • Kurma Rupa Das: "My Part Of The Bargain"

    Kurma Rupa Das has lived in Vrindavan, India for many decades. He established Care for Cows, an international network that helps abandoned, sick or injured cows in Vrindavan for more than 25 years. He has been actively working to create awareness, educate, give guidance and support to likeminded charitable organisations worldwide. He passed away on June 28th in Vrindavan, India. A video by Syam Gopal Das and Vijay Radhika Dasi (

  • 'Protector of Cows' Kurma Rupa Das Passes Away

    On June 28th, 2015, at 8.45 AM on the auspicious Padmini ekadasi in the greatly auspicious month of Purushottoma, amongst the sacred cows in the holy land of Vrindavan, Mathura, Kurma-rupa Das left his body surrounded by devotees, Vrajavasis, and uplifting Hare Krishna kirtan, with sacred tulasi on his tongue and head and his salagram-sila on his chest. 

  • VIHE Announces 2015 Bhakti-shastri and Bhakti-vaibhava Courses

    The Bhakti-sastri and the Bhakti-vaibhava courses are a systematic study of Srila Prabhupada's books. Srila Prabhupada wanted ISKCON devotees to deeply study his books, so that they could become better preachers and teachers, and, very importantly, achieve a clear understanding and application of the beautiful science of devotional service.

  • Chandan Yatra - The Festival of the Hot Season

    Chandan Yatra at Krishna-Balaram temple in Vrindavan. Chandan Yatra is a festival which is being celebrated during the hot season. Temple Deities all over the India are being covered with sandal wood paste known for it's cooling effect. This video brings you both the festival atmosphere and the sneak view of the preparation behind the altar curtain. For more videos visit us at

  • A Day In Vrindavan

    A video by Bhava Films. 

  • 100,000 Attend 40th Anniversary of Krishna Balarama Temple

    100,000 visitors from all over the world took part in Krishna Balarama Mandir’s week-long 40th anniversary celebrations from March 23rd to 29th in Vrindavana, India. The mood of the festival was both epic and sweet, recalling Srila Prabhupada’s ten-year struggle to establish a temple in the sacred village where Lord Krishna grew up, and his victory upon Krishna Balarama Mandir’s grand opening festival in April 1975.

  • Indian Government Agrees to Restore Yamuna River’s “Ecological Flow”

    The Indian government has finally agreed to restore the Yamuna’s ecological flow through several steps demanded by protestors, beginning with bringing the sacred river under the Environment Protection Act within two to three months. The move is a huge victory for the Free Yamuna Campaign of Braj (the land of Lord Krishna’s pastimes), which has been fighting for years now to restore the beleaguered river.

  • Holi Khele Girdhari By Sanjo Baghel

    Happy Holi!

  • Indian Widows Break Tradition and Celebrate Holi

    Shunned women attend festivities in Vrindavan, one of two north Indian cities known as the 'cities of widows'.

  • Living the Dream

    There seems to be a tension between comfort and aspiration in our lives. We seek to explore, to grow, to achieve, yet we also desire security, safety and certainty. It’s clear, however, that we often have to sacrifice one to get the other.

  • Good Old Days

    "After a lifetime of jobs, family, responsibilities and social interaction, they live as lone mendicants in this holy land, probably with a vow to never leave."

  • Soul Searching

    Though we act as spiritual doctors, we are undoubtedly patients as well.  After a month of sharing spirituality with others, now comes an opportunity to do some soul-searching and reflect on whether I’m walking the talk.

  • Krishna Balarama Mandir to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

    At least one hundred Prabhupada disciples, including several who helped build Krishna Balarama Mandir, are expected to attend the epic five-day celebration of the Vrindavan temple’s 40th anniversary from March 24th to 28th 2015. They’ll be recalling the even grander original opening festival from April 16th to 27th, 1975, attended by 1,000 devotees.

  • Srila Prabhupada Envisions a “New” Vrindaban

    In 1968, Prabhupada was issuing instructions about the community: “The Ashram may be named as "ISKCON-Nagari or New Vrindaban.” 

  • A Day In Vrindavan

    Filmed by Filip Cargonja and Kuva Zakheim. Edited by Hladini Hilary Zakheim.

  • 19 ISKCON Devotees Injured as Bus Hits Tree

    Nineteen ISKCON devotees were injured when a Vrindavan bound bus rammed against a tree after one of its tyres punctured near Maghera village falling under Vrindavan police station today  "While eleven devotees were rushed to district hospital, eight were taken to Paras Mani Hospital. Nobody is in critical position," Dy SP Anil Yadav said. 

  • Developing ECO-Vrindaban Project On The Lookout For General Manager

    ECO-Vrindaban (ECOV), the self-sufficiency wing of ISKCON’s New Vrindaban community in West Virginia, USA, is on the lookout for a general manager to oversee its steadily expanding operations. Today ECOV has a herd of 48 cows, oxen, and calves, in contrast to the 300 it started with at its inception. This may at first seem like a step back, but it’s actually an intentional move towards a far more sustainable model.

  • New Vrindaban’s 3rd Festival of Colors Draws Media and 5,000 People

    “As you can see, the Festival of Colors in Moundsville today was a complete success!”  This was the declaration made by Sarafina Brooks, a reporter from the local TV Channel, WTOV 9 who appeared on TV Sat. Sept. 13, 2014 ­­covered from head to toe in green powdered chalk. 

  • An Offering to Tulasi

    Vrindavan, Indian, Kartika 2013.

  • Reconnetion: Official Trailer

    An internet person, Sean Fletcher tries to run from a broken relationship by taking a trip to Himalayas, but finds himself stuck in a small Indian town, Vrindavan, that turns out to be an unusual place. A movie by Vrindavan Experience is coming soon.

  • Rare Archival Footage: Prabhupada Bathing in the Yamuna

    A rare colered film from 1971: ISKCON-founder A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada takes a ritual bath in the holy river Yamuna at Vrindavana's Keshi Ghat.

  • New Vrindaban Invites Visitors to Experience Renovated Guest Lodge and Restaurant

    During the winter of 2012 to 2013, as the pilgrimage season quietened down and a blanket of snow fell across the rural West Virgnia community, professional devotee foremen, carpenters and electricians flung themselves into five months of hard work to transform the guest facilities.

  • Bhakti Festival Draws Yoga Practioners to Italy’s Villa Vrindavana

    On the weekend of Friday June 6th to Sunday June 8th, around 500 yoga practioners from Tuscany and beyond attended a yoga festival with a difference: the third annual Bhakti Festival at Villa Vrindavana,  Italy. The festival was established in 2012 by ISKCON Villa Vrindavana and Yogendra, leader of the Samadhi yoga school in Florence

  • New Vrindaban 24 Hour Kirtan Set to “Tattoo Hearts with the Holy Name”

    Today, 24 and 12 hour kirtan festivals seem to be spreading all over the world like wildfire. Devotees are gathering to immerse themselves in the Holy Name every year with events like Kirtan Mela in Mayapur, Germany and Australia; in the UK;  Italy,  Belgium, and several places in the US. But back when the New Vrindaban 24 Hour Kirtan began in West Virginia, it was one of only a small handful of early trendsetters.

  • Food for Life Vrindavan

    Food for Life Vrindavan ( is a humanitarian aid organisation officially recognized by the Indian government. For the last ten years, they have worked in the poorest villages in the Vrindavan area, south of Delhi. A video by Robyn Symon.

  • Kirtan Shakti - The Album

    A musical charity program to help underprivileged girls in Vrindavan.

  • Kirtan Shakti Album to Support Underprivileged Girls in Vrindavana

    The proceeds from a unique new kirtan album, “Kirtan Shakti,” will all go towards educating underprivileged young women at the Sandipani Muni girls’ school in Vrindavana, India -- Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

  • Fourteen Years of Inspiration at New Vrindaban

    “Aha! I’ve got a name for our festival!” Citralekha Dasi called to ISKCON Communications Director Anuttama Das from her office across the hall. And she told him what it was. He grinned. “It’s perfect." The first annual Festival of Inspiration, held in 2001, quickly lived up to its name. It put New Vrindaban, which had recently rejoined ISKCON, back on the map as an important place of pilgrimage for North American devotees.

  • New Vrindaban Festivals Inspire and Build Relationships

    The Vaishnava tradition is famous for its festivals. And within ISKCON, the New Vrindaban community in West Virginia has become one of the most renowned places to celebrate. As New Vrindaban finds a fresh start and rebuilds itself, festivals have been found to be one of the best ways to inspire and bring together devotees, as well as to develop a mutually appreciative relationship with the local public.

  • Indradyumna Swami's Parikrama 2013

    A beautiful video of the 2013 Vraja Mandala praikrama led by Indradyumna Swami.

  • Vrindavan Mist

    A video by

  • Ramayana Collection to Open at Villa Vrindavan Museum

    On Friday July 11th, the second floor of the Museum of Spiritual Art (MOSA) in Villa Vrindavana, Italy will be completed and receive an internal opening ceremony attended by devotees. The museum is the second branch of MOSA in ISKCON, modeled after the original in Radhadesh, Belgium. It is located in the most historic part of Villa Vrindavana’s Villa, dating back to the 16th century.

  • New Vrindaban Greets Sally Aggarwal

    One elderly American lady and two younger ladies wandered into the lobby of Sri Sri Radha Vrindabanchandra temple the afternoon of Thurs. March 13, 2014. “Rhis is my mother, Sally Aggarwal!" a younger one says. "She sponsored Srila Prabhupada on the Jaladuta from India in 1965!” she proudly declared.

  • New Vrindaban Boards Sign Gas Leases for Utica Shale

    The boards of ISKCON New Vrindaban and ECO-Vrindaban, the two landholding entities in New Vrindaban, voted on February 20th and February 23rd, respectively, to sign leases for the Utica Shale, a deep natural gas formation.  In 2010, both boards signed similar leases for the Marcellus Shale.  As with that decision, this one was fraught with controversy.

  • New Vrindaban Amid “Transformation of a Spiritual Community”

    When New Vrindaban, ISKCON’s first rural community, was first established in 1968, it became, for many years, a shining example of the best that ISKCON had to offer. After a series of well-documented legal transgressions and spiritual deviations in the 1980s, however, many devotees left. Now New Vrindaban is in the midst of a major transformation.

  • Restoration Work Underway at Srila Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold

    Today, as they did four decades ago, devotees at ISKCON New Vrindaban are embarking on a labor of love. They’re restoring the Palace of Gold, home to Srila Prabhupada. Devotees began building the Palace with their own hands back in 1973 as a simple residence for Srila Prabhupada, who enjoyed the peace and spiritual atmosphere of New Vrindaban during his visits.

  • Spiritual Embassies of the World - Sri Vrindavan Dhama, India

    Journey to the place of Lord Krishna's pastimes and follow the personal journey of self discovery of one visitor to this sacred place. A video by Barnaby Booth.

  • New Vrindaban Makes Great Progress in Exciting New Phase

    New Vrindaban, established in 1968 by ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada as his society’s first rural community, is continuing its transition into an exciting new phase. After a series of difficult pioneering attempts in the early years, the community struggled for decades with a dedicated skeleton crew. But since spring 2011, a renewed effort has been made to revitalize New Vrindaban.

  • Prabhupada's Palace of Gold Project Manager Position

    The Palace of Gold was constructed during the ‘70s and opened in 1979. Time and weather have taken their toll over the last 35 years and Srila Prabhupada’s “Samadhi in the West” is in need of major renovation work.

  • Indradyumna Swami's Parikrama 2013

    A video-journal of Indradyumna Swami's recent Vraja Mandala prakirama.

  • Srila Prabhupada's Disappearance

    On the auspicious day of Srila Prabhupad's disappearance BB Govinda Swami remembers his wonderful memories about his last moments with Prabhupada in Vrindavan, 1977. (The video has been recorded in Vrindavan, on November 7th, 2013.)

  • A Misty Morning in Vrindavan

    A video by Syam Gopal and Vijay Radhika. Music by BB Govinda Swami.

  • Museum of Sacred Art - Villa Vrindavana, Italy

    In 2013, a new Sacred Art Museum opened in Villa Vrindavana, Tuscany, Italy.

  • Successful Stok Kangri Trekkers Raise $80,000 for Poor Children's Education

    On September 11th, a group of 21 individuals from the United Kingdom started to trek Stok Kangri, the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of northwest India. Out of the 21 trekkers, 12 made it to base camp at 5,100 meters and 8 made it to the summit on September 17th.

  • Trekking the Himalayas to Educate 500 Impoverished Girls

    On September 11th, a group of 21 individuals from the UK started to trek Stok Kangri, the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas. The trekkers are all volunteers, and the purpose of their undertaking is to help raise awareness and funds for the Food for Life Vrindavan Society.

  • Festival of Colors - World’s Happiest Event Comes to West Virginia

    New Vrindaban, home of Srila Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold, will host its second annual Festival of Colors on Saturday, September 14, 2013 (11 am to 7 pm). The Festival of Colors is an exuberant event, full of excitement and many bright colors. 

  • The Pandava Sena Group's Visit to Villa Vrindavana, Italy

    Music by Hanumen.

  • “Modest Elegance”: A New Project in New Vrindaban

    Srila Prabhupada’s vision for New Vrindaban includes four main topics, one of which is holy pilgrimage.  New Vrindaban is, of course, an ongoing and very important place of holy pilgrimage for many devotees and guests from all over the world.

  • ISKCON Italy Joins Official Government Interfaith Council in Florence

    This January, ISKCON Italy was made a member of the Florence Council for Religious Dialogue, an official government entity. This is a major development for ISKCON, which has been working with non-government interfaith groups since 2005 and has held many interfaith conferences and events at the Villa Vrindavana community.

  • A Spectacular “Museum of Spiritual Art” Opens in Florence

    The first phase of the Villa Vrindavana museum which just opened, fills five large rooms with twenty grand sized paintings of India’s classic literature, the Mahabharata. The paintings reveal in vibrant colors the drama, emotion, intrigue, and divine purposes of the Mahabharata and its epic battle between the forces of good and evil. 

  • Supersoul Connection Feat by Ayush Attri Sharma

    The footage for the video was taken from the "Glimpses of Vraja", a series of short videos on the holy land - Sri Vrindavan Dham, used with the kind permission of the producer. You're warmly welcome to visit

    Video credits:
    Produced by B.B. Govinda Swami
    Director of photography and camera: Maxim Duzer
    Edited by Denis Alibašić
    Color edit by Simon Gosnik

    Music credits:
    Recorded in Polestar Studio by Radhamohan das in March 2013
    Music arranged and composed by Radhamohan das and Dhyan
    Lyrics by Dhyan

    Two sentences of the lyrics were taken from Sri Vraja Dhama Mahimamrita (The Nectarean Glories of Vraja-dhama) by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraja Goswami.

  • Ever Increasing Bliss – 24 Hour Kirtan in New Vrindaban, USA
    The energy was uplifting at New Vrindaban’s 7th 24 Hour Kirtan! Many say that last weekend’s 24 hour kirtan from June 15 to June 16 was the best one yet.
  • Service Opportunities at Srila Prabhupada's Palace of Gold in New Vrindaban

    Srila Prabhupada's Palace of Gold, his samadhi in the West (in West Virginia, USA), attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Palace was recently elected by CNN travel as one of the eight religious wonders to see in U.S.

  • The 13th Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindaban
    This year there were some real improvements not only in the restaurant, but in the Palace Lodge rooms and the new New Vrindaban Welcome Center as well.
  • New Vrindaban Rebuilds, Sees Bright Future Ahead
    Established in 1968 in West Virginia, New Vrindaban was ISKCON’s first rural community. In recent times, there has been renewed energy to rebuild New Vrindaban and to turn it into the exemplary self-sufficient, Krishna conscious community that Srila Prabhupada envisioned.
  • Green Building Workshop at New Vrindaban’s Immediately After Festival of Inspiration
    New Vrindaban (West Virginia, USA) will be hosting a five day green building workshop put on by Blue Rock Station starting on Monday May 13th, immediately after the Festival of Inspiration.
  • New ISKCON Vrindavan TV to Broadcast Worldwide

    Recently, ISKCON Vrindavan has established IVTV (ISKCON Vrindavan Television) to broadcast worldwide via satellite television. The inauguration of the IVTV control room took place last month.

  • Open Services at New Vrindaban

    ISKCON New Vrindaban, ISKCON's first farm community is looking for devotees to help fulfill Srila Prabhupada's instruction and to serve the many devotees and pilgrims visiting.

  • Vrindavan Experience - Trailer

    By devotee filmmakers Syam Gopal and Vijaya Radhika.

  • Little Krishna - The Darling of Vrindavana

    An animation by Big Animation.

  • Vrindavan Gurukula Acquires Land for New Campus

    ISKCON Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh, India) has recently purchased a 87.5 acres of land near Vrindavan, on which a new campus for the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula International School (BGIS), as well as a new goshalla will be built.

  • Book to Celebrate Krishna-Balarama Mandir's 40th Anniversary
    The Krishna-Balarama temple 40th anniversary is coming up in 2015. In preparation for the event, devotees at ISKCON Vrindavan are compiling a history of the temple.
  • Thousands Light Up Vrindavan for Month of Kartik
    Thousands of pilgrims from around the world are expected to flood into the sacred town of Vrindavan, India—where Lord Krishna lived 5,000 years ago—for the holy month of Kartik, from October 29th to November 28th.
  • Vrindavan Krishna Balaram Mandir Kartika Parikrama Schedule
    Kartika is glorified in the ancient sacred Puranas of India as very special for making spiritual advancement, and the best place to be in Kartika is Sri Braja Dham.
  • 'Shree Radhe' - Art Of Vrindavan

    Breaking traditions or advocating them?

    Vrindavan, India: Two international artist explain what inspired them to paint their mural in the pilgrimage town of Vrindavan. While the holy name of 'Sri Radhe' might be painted on every tree and wall here, it hasn't been painted in such a modern and vibrant way before. Is this an iconoclastic shake up of the status-quo in religious expression or is it in fact in line with scriptural rules advocating age-old traditions?

  • Systematic Bhakti Vaibhava Course in Vrindavan
    The Vaishnava Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) will hold its annual in-depth, step-by-step, systematic Bhakti-vaibhava course in Vrindavan, from August 19 – November 21.
  • 2012 Bhakti-shastri Course in Vrindavan
    The Vaishnava Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) is inviting all the serious students to a transformational Bhakti-sastri course taking place from July 19 to November 2012, in Vrindavan, India.
  • Vrindavan Lila by the Vrajavadhus
  • First Time In Vrindavan
    As I was planning to come to India, devotees warned me that the first trip might be a cultural shock. And I did receive a cultural shock. But it was not from seeing dirt, or hearing noise, or being in a crowd. Even the sound of car horns did not bother me. But what shocked me was the amount of love that is there.
  • Open Services at New Vrindaban, ISKCON's First Farm Community

    New Vrindaban looking for devotees to help with the day-to-day operations as well as with implementation of Srila Prabhupada's instructions through the Master Plan.

  • The What and The How
    Some years ago I was on pilgrimage in Vrindavan. I had come with a purpose, although, for the life of me, I didn’t know what that purpose was, at least I couldn’t articulate what it was.
  • Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir Kartika Parikrama Schedule
    Kartika is glorified in the Puranas as very special for making spiritual advancement and the best place to be in Kartika is Sri Braja Dham. In fact this month is known as Damodar, since in the middle of this month, the Lord performed His very enchanting Damodar Lila.
  • New Vrindaban Labor Day Ends Festival Season in Style
    Over 1,000 pilgrims visited New Vrindaban this September 3rd, 4th and 5th for a special Labor Day Festival that has been a tradition at the rural ISKCON community for more than a decade.
  • Bhaktivedanta Hospice - Vrindavan
  • The Mood of Monsoon: Rainy Season in Vrindavana

    by Syam Gopal and Vijaya Radhika.

  • Presenters Wanted for the 10th Annual Vaishnavi Retreat in New Vrindavan
    As the Retreat enters it’s tenth year, the organizers cordially invite interested Vaishnavis to consider sharing their talent and expertise, their wisdom and spiritual knowledge with others during this very special occasion.
  • New Vrindaban’s Homeschool Co-op’s End-of-year Celebration
    On June 17, Gopal’s Garden Homeschool Co-op held its end-of-the-year celebration. “This year we had five full-time students in grades 1, 2 and 3,” said Ruci devi dasi, tutor at Gopal’s Garden. “Next year, we will be expanding. We will have at least nine students, and possibly more.”
  • A Day with Krishna`s Cows in Vraja
    I have never touched a cow in my life. I have been to Vrindavan a few times but between my kids, the husband, their getting sick, the morning program, parikramas, Loi bazaar and the MVT restaurant, there was no time for the cows.
  • Thunderstorm in Vrindavan

    It’s the hot season in Vrindavan and almost every day a dust storm comes. Sometimes it turns into a thunderstorm with spectacular lightnings. Short rain brings the heat down some and provides long-awaited relief. A stunning video by Syam Gopal and Vijaya Radhika.

  • New Vrindaban Featured On CNN
    This May and June, the Palace of Gold and the Palace Rose Garden will be featured on CNN Headline News. The five-minute interview with Damodar dasa, Vice President of Guest Services in New Vrindaban Community, will air approximately 50 times in over 875,000 homes in the Pittsburgh, Laurel Highlands and Ohio Valley regions.
  • 2011 Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindaban, USA

    The schedule of Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindaban, USA, May 6, 7 & 8th, 2011 has been announced. Among many other topics there will be discussions on the different aspect of family life, devotional practice, there will be music lessons, kirtana and drama performance.

  • Call For International Protest to Save the Yamuna River
    On March 3rd, a march started from Allahabad to New Delhi to draw the the public`s attention to the the issue of the pollution of the holy Yamuna River. Muslim and Sikh leaders, as well as the Indian Farmers Union have all joined the cause. The organizers are asking groups outside India to send supporting letters that could be presented to the Government of India.
  • Varnasrama College Course Starts Vrindavan
    The upcoming "Panchagavya Medicines" course in Vrindavan will teach not only a range of 18 products such as toothpowder, gooark, massage oil, dhoop, etc., but Ox training, Goshala design and maintenance and treatment to cows will also be covered.
  • Boat Festival in ISKCON Vrindavan
    The ISKCON temple at Vrindavan celebrated the boat festival on 28 March 2011. The inner courtyard of the temple was filled with water and created a water pool. The pool was covered with variety of flowers artfully decorated. The floral decorations were wonderful, nobody wouldn’t have suspected a soft bottom below the flower carpet.
  • Mayapur and Vrindavana Festival Schedules Announced
    Springtime is approaching soon, and for Vaishnavas that means the world famous annual Vrindavana and Mayapur festivals, in the sacred birthplaces of Lord Krishna and Gaudiya Vaishnavism founder Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu respectively. It also means one of the biggest festivals on the Vaishnava calendar—Gaura Purnima, the appearance day of Sri Chaitanya.
  • Academic Positions at Vrindavan Gurukula

    Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School at Vrindavana, India invites applications for High School and Post-graduate Teachers in following disciplines: English, Sanskrit, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Mathematics and Social Studies

  • Gita Jayanti Celebration at Bhaktivedanta International School, Vrindavana

    On the auspicious occasion of Gita Jayanti, the advent day of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, students from all grades put up an all day long celebration program. Arrays of colorful placards depicting the shlokas of Bhagavad Gita, the thematic displays of Bhagavad Gita teachings, high-spirited book distribution and the exuberant kirtans made it an event that gurukulis will always cherish.

  • Bhaktivedanta International School in Vrindavan Is Accepting Applications

    Bhaktivedanta International School (BGIS) in Vrindavan, India, is now accepting applications from prospective students for admission into standards II-IX and standard XI for the academic year 2011-2012

  • New Vrindavan Community Leadership Service Opportunity

    ISKCON New Vrindavan has begun a search for candidates interested in applying for leadership positions in the United States. New Vrindavan, ISKCON’s old community and largest pilgrimage site in North America, is entering a new phase in operations and has opportunities for career services.

  • Visit `Vrindavan Today` Website
    `Vrindavan Today` is a new website that offers daily news of Braj and Vrindavan Dhams — the temple and ashram life, special events, and environmental and heritage protection.
  • Annakuta Festival at ISKCON Vrindavan
    Govardhana Puja, Go-Puja and Annakuta are all connected with the story of Lord Krishna’s lifting of Govardhana Hill to protect the inhabitants of Vrindavan. As part of the festivities, devotees prepared a big hill out of sweets, rice and halva in the middle of our temple courtyard.
  • The 24th Anniversary Of The 24 Hour Kirtan
    Sunday marked the festival of Vijay Dasami, a festival to celebrate Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana. But the devotees at ISKCON Vrindavan had one more reason to celebrate -- the 24th anniversary of inception the 24 hour kirtan program.
  • Vrindavana Awaits!
    As the sacred month of Kartika fast approaches, devotees around the world make their travel arrangements for the long journey to Vrindavana. The sacred land of Radha and Krishna's eternal pastimes is the holiest of pilgrimage places for Gaudia Vaishnavas.
  • Bhaktivedanta Hospice Opens in Vrindavana
    On August 26th 2010, two days after the appearance day of Lord Balarama, Bhaktivedanta Hospice was inaugurated. Finally the Back-to-Godhead Clinic, the late Arca Vigraha Dasi’s dream, had been realized.
  • ISKCON Vrindavana Announces Annual Pilgrimage Schedule
    Now that Janmastami and Radhastami Festivals have finished, thoughts turn towards Kartika. The Puranas glorify the month of Kartika (October-November) as very special for making spiritual advancement, and the best place to be in Kartika is Sri Braja Dham—the area surrounding Lord Krishna’s birthplace of Vrindavana.
  • Third School for Underprivileged Children Opens in Vrindavana
    A third Sandipani Muni School will open in Kikinagla Village on October 23rd, to provide free education for poor children in Lord Krishna’s birthplace.
  • An Appeal From ISKCON Vrindavan Goshala
    The ISKCON Vrindavan Goshala makes an urgent appeal to its worldwide community of devotees, the goshala which houses over 385 cows, bulls and calves are in urgent need of 30 acres of grazing land, winter and summer sheds, upgraded medical care,and other facilities.
  • Vrindavan Care For Cows Newsletter
    The August 2010 issue of our Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. In this edition of 23 pages there are reports on another victim of reckless driving that leads to amputation, and a tribute to the passing of Aindra Prabhu.
  • Aindra Dasa: Living Still in Sound
    Summer 1973, 8am, in Washington, DC. A young fellow Eddie—better known all over the world as Aindra Dasa—joins the harinam party and from that day on, he never stopped chanting Hare Krishna.
  • In Loving Memory of Aindra Das
    Aindra had complete conviction. Conviction that Vrindavan was the highest spiritual abode. Conviction that kirtan was no ordinary music - it was the divine name, descended from above, non-different from Radha and Krishna. He had no interest to be anywhere else or do anything else. He was convinced that by sitting in that spot he could change the world through his song.
  • Aindra Das Passes Away In Vrindavan

    In a shocking and saddening turn of events, world-famous kirtaniya and beloved Krishna devotee Aindra Dasa was found to have passed away on the morning of Saturday, July 17 in Vrindavana. Initial reports suggest that Aindra may have passed away due to an accidental gas leak in his room.

  • Summer in the Appalacian Foothills

    Experience the best of nature and spiritualism in New Vrindaban.

  • Campaign Against Yamuna Overpass Continues
    In Braj, India, the area where Lord Krishna appeared and performed His pastimes 5,000 years ago, a lengthy court battle over a new highway overpass on the sacred Yamuna River continues to rage.
  • Food For Life Builds Homes for Vrindavana Families
    Food for Life Vrindavana are partnering up with Habitat for Humanity to build forty homes for underprivileged families in Krishna's homeland.
  • Holy God! Discovering Hare Krishna-ism in Vrindaban, India
    A Western pilgrim encounters the Hare Krishna movement in its holy land.
  • Festival of Inspiration 2010

    New Vrindaban Community will host the tenth annual Festival of Inspiration on May 7 – 9.

  • Medical Volunteers Restore Vision in Barsana
    Every year since 2002, Bhaktivedanta Hospital has conducted the Barsana Eye Camp to service the thousands of poverty-stricken villagers who cannot see due to cataracts in one or both eyes.
  • New Vrindaban Hosts Harvard's Pluralism Project
    On April 10 and 11, New Vrindaban Community hosted 36 students from the Global Leadership Center (GLC) at Ohio University it Athens, OH.
  • ISKCON Vrindavana Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary
    ISKCON’s Krishna-Balarama temple in Vrindavana, India celebrated its 35th anniversary with a two-day festival this March 23rd and 24th.
  • The Land of Krishna Celebrates Holi
    Residents of Vraj, the area in Uttar Pradesh, India, were Lord Krishna is said to have performed many of His pastimes, exhuberantly celebrated Holi this February 28th. Known as the festival of color, this day is close to the heart of every “Vrajavasi” and is one of the most prominent events in the area.
  • ISKCON Vrindavana Celebrates Boat Festival
    On March 6, 2010, ISKCON Vrindavan celebrated its annual boat festival. For only the second time, Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundar were taken to the Yamuna, instead of sailing on the temple property.
  • Vrindavana Gurukula Looking for Scholarship Sponsors

    The Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School located in the beautiful holy land of Sri Vrindavan Dham; the birthplace of Lord Krishna is the shining epitome of academic excellence and deep devotion.

  • Gas Rush Is On Around New Vrindaban
    Natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation is a hot commodity in the Northern Panhandle.
  • Country Get Away: New Vrindaban Looking for Temporary Landscape Assistance

    Due to a forceful winter, there is a lot of "getting ready" needed before the opening of New Vrindaban's Pilgrimage Season, which kicks off with Festival of Inspiration (May 7,8,9th).

  • Meeting of Saints in ISKCON Vrindavana

    Taking advantage of the Vrindavan Kumbha Mela currently underway, Krishna Balaram Mandir organized a Sadhu Sammelan on the topic of the 500th anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Sannyas. As leaders of various groups arrived, they garlanded a deity of Srila Prabhupada placed at one end of the courtyard, and they were then garlanded in return by new temple president Pancha Gauda Dasa.

  • Vrindavana’s 24-Hour Kirtan Promotes Constant Chanting
    As non-stop kirtan events proliferate around the globe, ISKCON News takes a closer look at the mother of them all.
  • Six Continents Join in Global Prayer for the Yamuna River
    As urban developers threaten to destroy the rich culture and heritage of Vrindavan, India—the holy place of Lord Krishna’s birth—devotees around the world united in a globe-encompassing kirtan to pray for the future of Vrindavana and its sacred Yamuna River this January 30th.
  • Natural Gas Royalties to Improve Hare Krishna Community
    Both the temple and devotee residents take advantage of the opportunity to lease their land.
  • Grand Debut for Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavan Kumbha Mela
    The Society's unique procession adds energy to the event
  • Devotees Pray for Yamuna’s Future With Global Kirtan
    Over one hundred locations around the world--ISKCON temples and centers, home programs, yoga studios, and sanga groups--will participate in a synchronized 24-hour prayer for the future of the sacred Yamuna River this January 30th.
  • New Vrindaban Community Graces Magazine Cover
    The road leading to the New Vrindaban Palace of Gold is tortuous, and snakes through some of the roughest interiors of West Virginia. Until recently, much of the road was unpaved, and before that, there was no road at all to the original community.
  • Magic Moments at Govardhan Retreat
    This year 120 devotees gathered at Jatipur, on the West side of Giriraja, for a week of hearing and chanting.
  • Vrinda Kunda Temple’s Seventh Anniversary Celebrated
    From January 27th through February 14th 2010, a special program of pilgrimage walks to the holy places of Vraja Dhama, India, will be held to commemorate the seven-year anniversary of ISKCON’s Vrinda Kunda temple.
  • New Vrindaban Hosts the World’s Most Famous Bush Doctor
    On October 28, New Vrindaban Community in West Viriginia, USA, hosted the world’s most famous bush doctor. Dr. Landveld manufactures natural medicines from plants, roots, tree barks, carrots, fruit and lianas from the Amazonian rainforest of Suriname.
  • Annual Tour of Vraja Mandala’s Holy Places Begins
    ISKCON's 23rd annual Vraja Mandala Parikrama, coordinated by gurus Lokanath Swami and Radha Raman Swami, began this year on Sunday October 4th and will run until Monday November 2nd.
  • Go Carting! Vrindavan School Ferries Kids the Green Way
    For at least 250 students of Sandipani Muni School (SMS) in Vrindavan, it’s ‘bull power’ that drives them to school every morning. In its own small way, the school is contributing to the green cause.
  • Photo Essay: Holi in Vrindavana

    This photo essay entitled 'Spring of Love' attempts to capture the festive celebration of Holi around the sacred Vrindavana area in India. Images by Pavel Tomanec (Paramdhamananda Dasa).

  • Vrindavan Jhulan Yatra Bliss for Gurukula Students

    The high school students of Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School in Vrindavan were in ecstasy when the Krishna Balarama Temple management asked them to decorate the swing for the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radheshyamasundar on the first day of Jhulan Yatra. The four day swing festival culminated on Balarama Purnima, Lord Balarama's Appearance Day.

  • ISKCON Remodels Mausoleum of 16th Century Saint
    In Vrindavana, India, work is underway on repairing and remodeling the Samadhi (mausoleum) of Sanatana Goswami, a great sixteenth century saint and author. Sanatana was a principle disciple of Gaudiya Vaishnavism founder Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and the seniormost of the famous Six Goswamis of Vrindavana. The Samadhi of his younger brother, Rupa Goswami, was remodeled by ISKCON in 2007.
  • ISKCON Continues to Assist in Vrindavana Restoration
    ISKCON devotees in India are continuing to help clean and restore the adjacent sacred lakes Radha-Kunda and Shyama Kunda, assisting a project that began in early May. The project is part of an ongoing effort by locals and the Indian Government to maintain Braja, the holy land in India where Lord Krishna was born, and is the first time Radha and Shyama Kundas have been cleaned since 1987.
  • Krishna’s Vraja No Longer to be Parched Earth
    Mathura: It could be a page from history, but it turns out to be a lesson in civics. As an NGO embarks upon restoring water bodies in the area of land known as Brajbhoomi, folklore and legend form the route to some serious green activity. Centred in Mathura-Agra, Brajbhoomi, or Lord Krishna’s land, stretches to the north till Gurgaon in Haryana and Bharatpur in Rajasthan to the west.
  • ISKCON Helps Clean Vrindavana's Sacred Lakes
    As part of an ongoing effort to maintain Vraja, the holy land in India where Lord Krishna is said to have been born, the adjacent sacred lakes Radha-Kunda and Shyama Kunda are being cleaned for the first time since 1987. ISKCON devotee Devaki Prana Dasa, who has lived and served at Radha-Kunda for many years, says, “The water is over twenty-two steps down at present, and the full cleaning will take about a month and a half to complete.”
  • Major Newspaper Ranks ISKCON Vrindavana's School as Best

    The Amar Ujala, a daily Indian newspaper ranked 34th in the world in circulation, has selected ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School in Vrindavan (BGIS) as the top school in the Mathura district and the second best school in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Vrindavana Cows Kidnapped by Armed Thieves

    Subhangi Devi Dasi lives in Vrindavan, India. Recently she was awoken early in the morning to witness a site none of us would even dream could be happening. Krishna’s cows are being violently kidnapped in the night. It is believed the cows are killed and sold for their flesh and leather products.

    “I was sleeping,” Subhangi Devi Dasi says. “At 2.00 am I hear cows crying, people screaming and yelling. I run out to my balcony and see a truck backing away and cows franticly running in all directions down the lanes, all crying. I have never seen that in Vrindavan.”

  • Vrindavan Gurukula Graduates Fourteen Students
    Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School (BGIS) in Vrindavan held it’s 4th Graduation ceremony on April 6th. Fourteen students graduated with their high school diplomas in Academics and Bhakti Yoga studies. One student completed a dual enrollment program, obtaining both the Indian Certificate of Education and an American high school diploma.
  • ISKCON Vrindavana’s Boat Festival A Triumph at the Yamuna
    At 5pm on March 21 – the first day of spring – devotees in Vrindavana, India sat on the steps leading down to the holy Keshi Ghat bathing area, waiting for the famous annual “Boat Festival” to begin. The morning had shown a threat of rain, but clouds passed quickly, leaving a clear, cool evening in its wake.
  • Bullet-proof Cover for Vrindavana's Banke Bihari
    From changing a dozen dresses a day, to taking His pick from more than 100 cuisines on the menu, Lord Banke Bihari of Mathura has always enjoyed a privileged existence. Now, the baby Krishna has stolen a march over Ram Lalla - the resident deity of Ayodhya - by becoming the first divinity to don a bullet-proof cover.
  • ISKCON Vrindavana’s Boat Festival to be Held at Kesi Ghat
    The annual “Boat Festival” is one of the most unique events at ISKCON’s Krishna Balarama temple in the holy town of Vrindavana, India. Every spring, devotees fill the temple’s courtyard with water to create a pool, decorate its surface with flowers, and take the temple’s presiding deities of Radha-Shyamasundar on a ride in an ornate, flower-bedecked boat. But the event has become almost too popular in recent years, with crowds packing the temple so tightly that many devotees have been unable to attend.
  • Holi Celebrations Drench Vrindavan with Joy
    Vrindavan: Myriad colours of Holi have drenched Mathura and Vrindavan in joyful festivities. Though Holi is a single day affair elsewhere in the country, for the Brijwasis (people of Vrindavan where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days), the festival is celebrated for 16 days to commemorate the divine love of Radha for Lord Krishna or 'Dhulandi'.
  • Waterpot Festival Wraps Up Vrinda Kunda Celebrations

    A two-week festival celebrating the sixth anniversary of ISKCON’s temple at Vrinda Kunda, a sacred lake in Vrindavana, India, culminated in a grand finale this February 22. ISKCON built the current temple in 2003 to replace the old, dilapidated one that Vaishnava scholar Baba Madhava Dasa constructed in the 1980s for Vrinda-devi, one of Krishna’s most beloved servants.

  • Touch of the Brajabasi: The Musician
    In Vrindavan, I had a policy: don’t give to beggars. I envisioned that if I gave to one, I would be swarmed with beggars from the entire street demanding their share. So I just didn’t give. I had lived in Vrindavan for over a month and I had not given a single rupee to a single beggar. I had planned to keep it that way.
  • Devotees to Celebrate 6th Anniversary of Vrinda Kunda Temple
    Devotees in the sacred town of Vrindavana, India, will be celebrating the sixth anniversary of the new temple at Vrinda Kunda this February 9th to 22nd. The sacred lake’s history goes back a long way – Lord Krishna’s own grandson Vajranabha first installed a Krishna deity beside it five thousand years ago, while the site was excavated by Lord Chaitanya’s disciples in the 1500s.
  • Diary: Coming Home

    During the 1970s, I would get culture shock whenever I went to India. The crowded cities, the heat, the food, the occasional sickness, and the austerities of local travel would painfully remind me that I was a stranger in a foreign land. But as the years passed, my visits became more frequent and I began to feel at home there, especially in places like Vrindavan and Mayapur, where the Lord once performed His transcendental pastimes.

  • ISKCON Honors Vrindavana’s Saints with Annual Feast
    For many years, ISKCON’s Krishna Balarama temple in Vrindavana has invited all the holy town’s Vaishnava Mahants (Ashrama heads) to enjoy a feast during Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance day festival. But this year marks the first that ISKCON invited the Mahants to eat at their own Krishna Balarama property, rather than at the usual Fogla Ashrama location.
  • Vrindavana: Krishna Balarama Temple's Live Webcam Installed

    Pilgrims travel thousands of miles across the world to cast their eyes over the beautiful deities at ISKCON’s Krishna-Balarama Mandir in Vrindavana, India. But now they can visit Krishna’s birthplace without leaving their homes.

  • Sri Radha-Ramana's Silver Elephant Parade

    VRINDAVANA, INDIA – October 10 saw special celebrations in the holy village for Dusshera, the popular Hindu holiday celebrating Lord Rama’s victory over the demon Ravana. Devotees relished the once-a-year sight of Sri Sri Radha-Ramanji, presiding deity of the famous Radha-Ramana temple, triumphantly riding by on a large silver elephant.

  • Leading Vrindavana Residents Honor Srila Prabhupada

    Vrindavana, India -- Devotees at ISKCON’s Krishna Balarama temple organized a special evening event this August 24th, so that leading citizens of Vrindavana could offer their homage to Srila Prabhupada. The Vyasa Puja, or birthday celebrations honoring ISKCON’s founder are traditionally held in the morning. But residents of the holy town welcomed this extra service, as they are busy with their own Nandotsava Celebrations on the morning after Janmastami.

  • Mining Banned in Sacred Mathura

    MATHURA: Conservation efforts in this Hindu holy town - said to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna - have received a big boost, with a court banning mining operations in the area. When pilgrims visit some of the shrines associated with Krishna-Radha lore, they will not fail to notice structural changes to restore, rejuvenate and conserve the ecology of the area.

  • Clean Vrindavan Project to Promote Spiritual Tourism

    VRINDAVAN: Noted for its numerous temples, the holy land of Vrindavan in Mathura district, where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, has seen a huge increase in pilgrims and tourists in recent years. However, over-flowing drains, strewn garbage and crowded, littered streets is what greets the thousands of pilgrims who visit this historic place every year.

  • Flower Palaces and Poetry: A Visit to Sacred Varsana

    As sacred tour guide Dina Bandhu Dasa approached Varsana, the legendary home of Lord Krishna’s consort Radharani, dusk was falling; but the festivities were only beginning.

    Dina Bandhu is one of the privileged few westerners who know about the annual Phul Bangalas – flower palaces – and Kavi Sanmelans – poetry recitals – demonstrated at Varsana and Nandagram, the village of Krishna’s adoptive father Nanda Maharaja.

  • IIT Army Marches to Rescue Krishna's Lakes
    IIT engineers and water experts have pooled resources and skills to salvage the ancient kunds (ponds) of Vrindavan, Krishna’s childhood home. The water bodies, a big draw for tourists who throng Mathura, of which Vrindavan is a part, disappeared over the past 25 years, swallowed by encroachments and illegal constructions that changed the landscape.
  • Food For Life Keeps Vrindavana Clean and Green
    Food for Life Vrindavana, not content with simply making an effort this Earth Day (April 22) is running several full-time environmental projects to beautify Krishna’s birthplace. First up is Project Varahadeva, launched in April 2003.
  • Tragic Death Piques Public Interest in Krishna Customs
    Zardi Manning gripped the hand of his brother Bhisma as the pair watched the body of their 17-year-old sister Lila burn on a funeral pyre beside India's sacred River Yamuna. Anandalila - Lila to her family and friends - died earlier in the day after being shot in the head by a love-obsessed stalker in Vrindavan, one of India's holiest towns.
  • Shooting Victim “Lila” Passes Away in Vrindavana

    February 5th, 2008 – Ananda-Lila “Lila” Salter passed away in the holy village of Vrindavan at 2:15 this morning. Her family, friends and well-wishers sat at her bedside, while heartfelt chanting of Krishna’s names filled the air. The Australian Hare Krishna devotee, at only 17, had been fighting for her life after 28 year-old Saurav Singh shot her with a pistol early on Saturday morning.

  • Family of Vraja Shooting Victim Request Your Prayers
    Hare Krishna communities in Australia and throughout the world are shocked and upset by the callous shooting of a Hare Krishna devotee in Vrindavan, India on February 2nd. Anna Ananda Lila Salter, aged 17, has now been moved from a New Delhi hospital to the sacred land of Vrindavana where the decision could be made to switch off her life support machine.
  • Vrindavana Students Create Bhagavad-gita Tapestry

    This year, Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School of Vrindavan, India, celebrated Gita Jayanti in a unique and as one guest observed, “Most novel!” way. Three weeks before the day, the students and staff hand wrote each of the 700 verses of the Bhagavad-Gita onto colourful pieces of fabric. Each square was then sown together to make a beautiful quilt measuring 12 X 20 feet!

  • Vrindavana Students Complete a 'Dandavat Parikrama'

    Hundreds of devotees walk around Vrindavan every day on a special path called a parikrama marg. The walk itself is called parikrama, “sacred walk” or “sacred journey.” Circumambulating the town of Vrindavan on this path is a way to respect and honor this holy place.

  • Holy Name Photo From Vrindavana

    The children at the ISKCON school in Vrindavana, India make a visual offering for World Holy Name day celebrated on September 17th.