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  • An Indian State Commits to Srila Prabhupada’s Vision
    A national conference on ”Cow Based Agriculture, Health and Environment” was recently organized by the Gujarat Government. A first of its kind, it was held in prestigious Anand University and was attended by senior ministers, government officials, top scientists, religious leaders, environmentalists and cow protection activists.
  • Spiritual Economics
    As Gandhi said, there is enough for our needs but not for our greed. Are we really taking only what we need? That depends. Those advanced on the spiritual path happily survive with minimal resources. We may not be quite ready for that level of frugality, but we can work towards it by steady spiritual practice.
  • The Economy in Three Modes - Part II

    Knowledge of the three modes (guṇa-traya) proves to be fruitful on a variety of levels. The principles that offer insight into the working of individuals also illuminate the characteristics of entire cultures or civilizations.

  • 'SR': Simply Rascals
    Did you know the words laser, scuba, and radar aren’t technically words. They’re acronyms. Laser is an acronym for light amplification by the stimulated emission radiation. Scuba is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. And, radar is an acronym for radio detection and ranging.
  • The Economy in 3 Modes

    To anyone committed to bringing about a transformation in the iniquitous ways of this world’s misdirected civilization I recommend an ancient system as guide for this undertaking. The system is a science, containing, like any science, both theory and practice. By theory I mean an organized set of categories that illuminate the workings of the world, and by practice I mean the application of the theory to the world so as to bring about desired changes.

  • Recession - Financial or Spiritual?

    During his inaugural address, US President Obama identified greed as a major cause of the current recession. Whose greed? It’s easy to point the finger at the US mortgage brokers. Certainly they were greedy, but how much harm could they alone have done? Not much. They capitalized on the greed of ordinary Americans for unaffordable homes. Ultimately, if we are honest with ourselves and if we want to help solve the problem, we have to point the finger to ourselves.

  • Mom, Spiritual Economics and Bhakti-yoga

    You are standing outside a burning building. The flames and smoke are getting denser, but there is still one way to enter the building. Trapped inside it are the following beings:

    1. Your beloved mother.
    2. A Nobel-prize-winning scientist that is close to discovering a cure for cancer.
    3. A highly intelligent ape that may unlock the secrets of the missing link.
  • India's Economy: The Boom From The Bottom
    Though it may not look it on the ground at times, India is one of the few bright spots in a global economy with decidedly dim prospects in 2009. It is forecast to grow at a robust 5 to 6 percent this year—which is faster than it averaged in the 1990s, and nearly double the rate of expansion over the country's first three decades of independence.
  • Spiritonomics: ISKCON & The Financial Crisis

    Call it what you want - economic crunch, financial meltdown, apocalypse now - but the world in general, and the USA in particular, is not exactly rolling in wealth.

    The recession began, according to the National Bureau of Economic research, in December 2007. By 2008, the prices of commodities such as oil and food had gotten so high that they were causing genuine economic damage, oil prices peaked at $147 a barrel in July, and a gallon of gas cost over $4 across most of the USA.

  • When the Ascetic Life Looks Like a Smart Financial Move
    Under the no-stone-left-unturned set of new taxes, fines and fees proposed on Tuesday by Gov. David A. Paterson to help balance the budget, a Château Lafite or a Budweiser could soon cost more to sip. But David Britten isn’t concerned. As a matter of faith, Mr. Britten, 58, who is better known as known as Rama Dass [sic], the spiritual leader of the Hare Krishna temple in Downtown Brooklyn, doesn’t drink alcohol.
  • The Last Bite: Is the World’s Food System Collapsing?
    The World Bank announced that thirty-three countries are confronting food crises, as the prices of various staples have soared. From January to April of this year, the cost of rice on the international market went up a hundred and forty-one per cent.
  • India's Bhakti Market

    We aren't living in 13th century India, where wandering saints pined for the divine. Yet, can you write Bhakti off? Hardly. It has weathered all 'isms' to enter markets in a commercial avatar that keeps pace with time.

  • The Cash Machine Runs Dry
    It has not been a good year for the world. First we are told about global food scarcity, then we hear of possible oil shortages, and now – horror of horrors – we run out of money. Surely even the staunchest believers in free market capitalism must be beginning to wonder how much longer it can last.