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Articles tagged as Astrology

  • Paramahamster: Vedic Charts

    Our "Paramahamster" comic strip follows an enthusiastic devotee as he navigates a 9 - 5 work day in the corporate world. Please check back weekly for new episodes!

  • Astronomy of the Bhagavat Purana Part 1 of 3

    A video by Radha Mohan Das (UK).The explanations are based on the works of Sadaputa das (Dr Richard Thomson), and also, references from the research of Danavir Goswami.

  • Rama Setu - An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE

    This film brings to light the layers of bridge construction and the month and the year when the Rama Setu was built.

  • New Book Warns of Dangers in Using Astrology
    A new book by Sri Radha Govinda Dasi called “How to Mess Up Your Life with Astrology,” released this January, warns of the dangers of approaching this ancient Vedic science in the wrong way, and explains its real meaning and purpose from the Vaishnava perspective.
  • On the Maya Prediction: An Evolution in Consciousness
    Are we not questioning, especially at the beginning of a new year, “What does my destiny hold for me?" When we hear about earthly predictions like the ones derived from the Mayan calendar we become confused, perturbed, fearful.
  • Vedic Astrologers Predict More “Interesting Times” in 2012
    With a new year rolling in, many may be wondering what will happen with the damaged economy, the upcoming U.S. elections, and people’s likeliness to transcend all this and turn to spirituality. Then again, the world might end on December 21st, if we’re to believe some interpretations of the Mayan Calendar.
  • ‘Indians Knew the Laws of Gravity 500 Years Before Newton'
    Maitree, a group of professionals from Tata Consultancy Services and Bengaluru-based NGO Samskrita Bharati, have come together with a unique exhibition, Pride of India, to spread awareness about India's rich scientific heritage.
  • Judgment Eclipsed

    Judging others is always tricky. Much of what we do, say, or believe is based not on objective truths, but rather on the relative value we place on a particular activity, thought or behavior. Yet, judgment or discrimination is a necessary function in our lives. So, perhaps the best way to judge someone or something is to evaluate the person or the activity in terms of the values or standards they set for themselves.