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Sankarshan Das Shares the Beginnings of His Spiritual Journey in New Memoir
By Uttamasloka Das   |  Jun 23, 2024

In his book The Divine Love Memoir: How I Discovered the Most Secret of All Secrets, Sankarshan Das vividly recounts his spiritual journey from a young all-American boy to an insightful and questioning teen to a skillful song crafter and beyond. Sankarshan Das elucidates not just what he did and where he did it but the deep emotional, psychological, and cultural implications of a young man trying to find his way in the late 1960s. What begins as a longing for spiritual revolution culminates in a world unimaginably wonderful: the Hare Krishna movement in its blossoming stage, full of transcendental wonder and delight.

Sankarshan Das, born Steve Bridge, grew up in a quintessential American childhood: a loving mother and father, two younger siblings, and a house in suburbia, USA. As a young man, Sankarshan achieved success in school and, by all material standards, had a bright future ahead of him. He had many talents, including sharp intelligence, a strong power of speech, and discipline, not to mention being a talented musician. But what truly set Sankarshan apart from his peers was his deep questioning of life, the world, and himself.

Reviewer Uttamasloka Das with The Divine Love Memoir.

Sankarshan vividly recounts his college years, not just telling the where and when of key events but diving deep into his personal mood and feelings. He also goes into great detail to explain the political and cultural shifts that were a hallmark of the late 1960s: the Vietnam War, the summer of love, hippie culture, and the wanderlust felt by an entire generation in search of more. He writes in a very relatable way about his thoughts, feelings, and struggles at this time, that timeless wanting for “more” that so many of us feel at that age. He tells of his adventures to find answers to the biggest questions in life: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do with my life? From a North Texas college to a New York summer camp, stints in Denver and San Francisco, a semester at UT Austin, and everywhere in between, you’ll feel as if you’re traveling the country right along with Sankarshan.

The vivid retelling which Sankarshan gives of his life culminates in a grand spiritual crescendo: deciding to join Vishnujana Swami’s Austin temple, and ultimately giving his life to the Hare Krishna Movement and His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

For those wishing to order a copy of Sankarshan Das’s The Divine Love Memoir, at Readers may also be interested in the author’s online Krishna bhakti course.

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