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VANDE Is Calling All ISKCON Artists
By Damodara Pandita Das   |  Окт 19, 2012

VANDE stands for ‘Vaisnava Art for a New Devotional Era’. The organizers of VANDE are calling all ISKCON artists to register online at Vandearts.com

VANDE is an ISKCON GBC Strategic Plan Initiative that’s aim is to promote and inspire all ISKCON’s artist. By registering online at Vandearts.com the wider vaisnava community are able access the artists’ profile and arrange bookings, sales or consultation.

VANDE’s mission is to inspire, nurture and network artistic talent, thereby creating a fraternal community spirit for artists, thus attracting the public and patrons through quality presentations. These presentations will serve to bring to live the cultural and spiritual values of the Vedic teachings as delivered by ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada.

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