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Jayapataka Swami Hospitalized
By Ekanatha Gaura das   |  Янв 01, 1901

On May 10th  2015, ISKCON-guru Jayapataka Swami was hospitalized in India due to severe difficulty breathing. This is an official report on his health by his team of care-givers and secretaries:

“This is an official and updated health report of Jayapataka Swami for the last 11 days. Due to the difficult circumstances in which Jayapataka Maharaja’s health team had to manage the given health crisis, it was difficult to maintain informed all the devotees in time. We apologize for undue anxiety caused by this delay. 

While in Mayapur on Sunday morning May 10th, Jayapataka Maharaja experienced severe difficulty breathing. He was brought by an ambulance to a hospital in Kolkatta where his condition was to an extent stabilized. Due to his delicate state and since Maharaja had to be seen by the hepathologist who attended him in Delhi since October last year, an air ambulance transferred him to a specialized hospital in Delhi. 

Currently he is receiving medical attention for his ongoing liver condition and the pneumonia, which caused trouble with his breathing in the first place.  As per this morning, Jayapataka Maharaja’s health condition is of concern. Last night Maharaja had some trouble with his breathing and today his liver function has deteriorated. However the specialists are looking scrutinizingly into what can help Guru Maharaja to improve. We request everyone to please intensify your prayers for Maharaja at this point. 

Although Jayapataka Maharaja is totally conscious, coherent, and communicating in his usual energetic and jolly mood with the doctors, his assistants and some ISKCON leaders who have visited him, Maharaja’s health is very delicate.

Given that Jayapataka Maharaja’s health from the time when he suffered a brain stroke (October, 2008) has been compromised and considering the added complications that such condition brought about, there are very serious health risks involved.

At the moment Jayapataka Maharaja is receiving treatment at one of the best facilities in India for this sort of conditions. Two devotee-doctors, a neurologist and a general practitioner support Maharaja at the hospital and a team of disciple-doctors from overseas is actively researching for opinions from specialists around the world on how to assist Maharaja in his health care. 

Thousands of devotees are reporting doing extra chanting, puja, kirtans and several leaders have expressed their best wishes for Maharaja’s prompt recovery. Jayapataka Maharaja has expressed his gratitude and sent his obeisances to those Vaisnavas praying for him.

We humbly invoke the devotees’s best wishes and prayers for his fast recovery at this time. The team of secretaries, servants and assistants reassure the devotees that they are doing all what is possible to provide Maharaja with the best treatment at hand. A group of senior disciples and doctors are coordinating the medical assistance and logistics necessary for his recovery. 

If you wish to send a message to him regarding his wellbeing, please send your offerings to jpshealth108@gmail.com and we will make sure Maharaja is reported on this as soon as possible. We will keep you informed through www.jayapatakaswami.com, JPS App (available on both iPhone and Android), and twitter (@jayapatakaswami).”

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