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Holi & Mini Ratha Yatra Festival in Melbourne, Australia
By Bhakta Das   |  Мар 26, 2022

The Melbourne ISKCON devotees living in the western suburbs of Melbourne Australia have for years participated in the annual local Hindu Holi festival in which they have incorporated a mini Ratha Yatra parade.

Many hundreds of people from the culturally diverse community attended the festival and the devotees engaged them all in the festivities.

With the cooperation of the festival management, the devotees were able to distribute books and prasadam (sanctified food), and much more.

The highlight was the mini Ratha Yatra, which was very much enjoyed by everyone. It even inspired our local police force, who were in attendance, to joyously partake.

Local dignitaries such as the local members of Parliament and the local Mayor all got the mercy of the Lord on this special day.

Many thanks to the devotees who organized this festival so well.

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