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Bhaktivedanta Care Centre Opens in Durban
By Shyam Ghat Das   |  Окт 13, 2011

“Devotee Care, South Africa” opened its new Bhaktivedanta Care Centre, a Hospice-styled Care facility for the ISKCON community. This valuable service, inspired by and based on the model of the Vrindavan Hospice, is a multi-level building designed for assisting devotees in their final days, preparing them for their journey back home, back to Godhead.

Situated at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath, Temple of Understanding, Durban, the Bhaktivedanta Care Centre is fitted with the latest medical equipment, fully fitted patient wards, paraplegic bathrooms, family reception room, kitchen, Bhaktivedanta library and counseling rooms. Also included is an outpatient Medical Clinic providing free medical care and ‘Wellness Days’ to the devotee community and well-wishers of ISKCON.

This Bhaktivedanta Care Centre is the nucleus of the growing Devotee Care service in South Africa.

To mark the opening, Bhakti Caitanya Swami (GBC), Shyamlal Das (ACBSP), Swarup Damodar Das (National Secretary, S.A . & Temple President, Durban) and Haridev Das (Project Leader & Devotee Care Director for ISKCON S.A.) cut the ribbons to the new Care centre.

The official opening followed with a special banquet specifically for some 300 elderly devotees. These ‘senior-citizen’ devotees were treated to a wonderful lunch, vaisnava talks, bhajans, honoured with gifts and a commitment from the Vaisnava Community for consistent, heartfelt respect, love and care.

Please visit www.devoteecare.org for a glimpse into Devotee Care and its activities in South Africa. For further information, contact Haridev Das +27 39 9783000 or write him at haridev@telkomsa.net

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