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Research Study, Released by 24-Hour Kirtan Birmingham, Shows the Positive Impacts of Kirtan
By Sukanti Radha Devi Dasi   |  May 30, 2024

A research study was recently conducted to explore the impact of the 24-hour Kirtan Birmingham event on participants and the broader community, particularly during the 25th Anniversary of this extraordinary gathering. This popular annual event provided a unique opportunity to explore the spiritual experiences, sense of community, and personal transformation that participants reported as a result of their involvement.

For a quarter of a century, the devotees have come together every year in Birmingham to immerse themselves in the chanting of Lord Krishna’s holy name, all inspired by Aindra Das and Tribhuvannatha Das. This 24-hour event has long been a cherished tradition within the ISKCON UK community, drawing devotees from far and wide to participate in the continuous chanting of the holy names of the Lord. Initiated by the dedicated efforts of Mayapur Madhav Das 25 years ago, it has served as a beacon of devotion and unity, bringing devotees together in a collective expression of love and faith.

The research results were officially released last week at the ISKCON European Communications Conference 2024 in Radhadesh, Belgium. Attendees enthusiastically and appreciatively presented these findings, inspiring many devotees to engage in further research and exploration of the spiritual benefits of such devotional practices.

The ISKCON Birmingham Team, together with Mayapur Madhav Das’s vision and dedication, has paved the way for countless devotees’ spiritual journeys, fostering a sense of connection and devotion to Lord Krishna’s holy names.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share these research findings and look forward to continuing to explore and celebrate the transformative power of kirtan within our ISKCON community. To read the full research paper of the findings, click here. To find out more details about the annual event, you can visit their Facebook page.

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