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Pyari Radhe: A Single From ISKCON Coventry`s New Musical Album Has Been Released
By KOV Productions   |  Aug 27, 2010

“Pyari Radhe”, a single from the forthcoming album “Krishna of Vrindavan” has been released on iTunes on 19th August. It is currently number 7 in the world music chart on ITunes UK.

“Pyari Radhe” is the uplifting first single taken from the emotive musical album of the year “Krishna of Vrindavan”. A fabulous fusion of traditional vocals and soulful contemporary beats, “Pyari Radhe” is the eagerly anticipated and much talked about debut single from ISKCON Coventry.

This song features the warm, velvet smooth, devotional tones of Gurusevak Das who has been recipient of much praise and is well renowned locally and internationally for his immense vocal talent.

The exceptional musical arrangement has been written and composed by Shravan Kumar Das whose unparalleled musical genius has been the cornerstone of many stage productions and internationally performed drama’s.

“Pyari Radhe” has been inspired by Haridas, the visionary singer songwriter and executive producer. Over the last 30 years Haridas has written, directed and produced dramas, stage productions and soundtracks and is recognized internationally for his inspirational musical presentation.

The forthcoming album “Krishna of Vrindavan” has been a labor of love & dedication and is the culmination of 5 years effort. The album will also feature the internationally renowned singer songwriter Sandipani Muni Das, whose blissful lead vocals and breathtaking harmonies transport the listener to heaven on earth.

The “Krishna of Vrindavan” album will be released on Sri Krishna Janamashtmi Festival on 2nd September.

The release of the single and the album is part of ISKCON Coventry`s efforts to raise funds for their new temple complex.

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