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Prabhupada Village Opens in Mayapur to Accommodate TOVP Donors
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Mar 31, 2024

On February 22nd, 2024, Prabhupada Village, a new guest house for donors to the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium (TOVP), was inaugurated in Sri Mayapur Dham on Nityananda Trayodashi. The manifestation of this beautiful project was made possible by the vision of Ambarish Das, Braja Vilas Das, and the TOVP Construction team headed by Premavatar Gauranga Das alongside Sri Radhavallabh Das and Sravananda Das.

Spanning 35,000 total square feet, encompassing pathways and landscapes, Prabhupada Village spreads across 18,000 square feet of built-up area reminiscent of Kerala temples with kalashes adorning the rooftops. It currently offers 64 rooms, comprised of eight air-conditioned ones, 52 standard accommodations, and four operational spaces, with plans underway for an expansion to 120 rooms. Noteworthy attention to detail includes robust sound insulation between rooms, ensuring an undisturbed retreat for guests. The new village extends complimentary stays to TOVP contributors, with donations solicited solely for maintenance purposes.

Braja Vilas Das said, “When devotees come to Sridham Mayapur, they know that they will be taken care of and they can stay peacefully [at Prabhupada Village].”

Premavatar Gauranga Das, Head of the TOVP Construction team, said, “Prabhupada Village was created according to Srila Prabhupada’s vision of simple living and high thinking. The building itself creates a sattvic atmosphere and pleasing appearance which is best suited for devotional service.”

Vraj Vinoda Shyama Das, integral to the TOVP fundraising team and the project’s Operations Manager, added, “Prabhupada Village serves as a token of appreciation to our esteemed TOVP donors, acknowledging their unwavering dedication across various domains such as preaching, fundraising, software development, and architecture.”

He continued, “We wanted these donors to have a good experience when they come to Mayapur during the Narasimha Wing opening from February 29th-March 3rd. We have around 700 rooms in ISKCON Mayapur, but during festivals, all the guest house rooms get booked in a very short period of time.”

Astonishingly, the construction commenced only three months prior, swiftly reaching its culmination, attesting to the dedication and skill of everyone involved. One of the devotees from the Middle East who stayed during the Narasimha Wing opening expressed his amazement at such a quick manifestation of the beautiful guest house. He said, “It is unbelievable to see the construction completion between Kartik month 2023 and the first week of Feb 2024…It requires impeccable pre-planning, coordination, communication, material supply, quality checks, and a performance-oriented execution team. Kudos to Premavatar Gauranga prabhu and his construction team.”

He was very happy that the challenge of getting a room in Sridham Mayapur was finally solved for donors. He appreciated the hospitality services and remarked, “The hospitality team’s service attitude, whether it was drinking water supply, or the need for an extra pillow or blanket, everything was served with utmost sincere gratitude to the devotees. There was an uninterrupted power supply. The whole atmosphere was tranquil with tidiness, pleasant to the heart and soul, and a highly safe place to stay blissfully during a visit to Sridham Mayapur.”

Mukund Kirtan Das, a Brahmachari from ISKCON New Town, Kolkata said, “My experience of staying at Prabhupada Village was truly transformative. The plush furnishings and elegant ambiance set the stage for a unique experience. However, it was the exceptional supportive devotees that made the real difference. From warm greetings to spotless rooms, every encounter exuded professionalism and kindness, inspiring a new level of dedication.”

Vilasini Devi Dasi, an architect from Pune, said, “I stayed at the Prabhupada Village last month, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences! The cottages at Prabhupada Village have a very earthy feeling. It’s just one step away from touching the dust of the Holy Dham. It is a beautiful place to internalize, contemplate, and reflect. The proportions of the room are just perfect. A must visit to Mayapur.”

To learn more about Prabhupada Village, you can watch a recent video here. For more information on how you can support the TOVP, please visit their website

Images Courtesy of Thakur Saranga Das, who worked as a commercial and editorial photographer in New Zealand for over 28 years and is now serving as the official photographer of the TOVP since 2008.