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Pillars of Sustainability Seminar in Krishna Valley, Hungary

By: for ISKCON News on Jan. 12, 2013
Oxen working on the field at Hungary's Krishna-valley
The Eco Valley Foundation is organizing a seminar entitled "The Pillars of Sustainability", which will take place between 22nd and 30th June, 2013, in Krishna Valley, Somogyvámos, Hungary.

Krishna Valley was started in 1993 on 150 hectares of barren land and pastures. Since then this has been increased to 270 hectares, where residents have constructed 53 buildings for residential purposes, a central cultural building, etc. Arable lands and vegetable fields have been established and around 300 000 trees planted establishing a botanic garden and a few forests.

The community has attracted a lot of attention as a very ideal attempt to establish an ecologically and socially self-sustaining community that can be a model for similar communities all around the world. In the seminar the team of the Eco Valley Foundation and attendees will focus on social, economic, and environmental factors necessary for establishing and developing small communities and will have an in-depth insight into and analysis of the essential elements of sustainable and self-sufficient community criteria.

The course is officially recognized by the European Commission and can be found in the Comenius - Grundtvig Database with the reference number “HU-2013-126-001“. You may read the full description of the seminar in the database.

A Grundtvig grant (in the category of Visits and exchanges) is available for the course and the deadline for application in most of the countries is 16th January, 2013. For this information please check out the National Agency in charge of Lifelong Learning Programme in your own country. For the contact addresses of different National Agencies go to the following link:

For further information regarding the course and grants please contact George Kirs at
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