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New Year’s Resolutions: Four Principles for Greater Self-Transformation
By ISKCON News   |  Jan 01, 2024

Globally, the world is celebrating the end of a calendar year. Though different religious traditions may follow other calendars, we can still take spiritual advantage of these moments of transition.

In this New Year’s presentation, Chaitanya Charan Das, the Spiritual Scientist, offers devotees four principles for greater self-transformation, using the powerful perspective given by the Bhagavad-gita. “When we have a new year, we also long for a new and better me who can bring about a better future for ourselves and others,” said Chaitanya Charan. Using the acronym “CARD,” he guides listeners through the themes of C – contemplation, A – association, R- retrospection, and D – devotion. To get all the insights and the associated Gita verses, you can watch the videos here: English, Hindi.

Recently, Chaitanya Charan engaged with a gathering of more than 1,500 students from the RNS Group of Colleges, discussing the importance of mindfulness in a talk titled “Be mindful or your mind will make you a fool.” The audience included students from pre-University and University levels, as well as the principal, vice principal, various faculties, and the chief administrative officer of the entire university group. The management expressed deep appreciation for the inspiring discussion aimed at instilling discipline and direction in the students, extending an invitation for Prabhuji to return for similar talks in the future.

Visit the Spiritual Scientist website [add link] to discover a treasure trove of resources on Science, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, and Self-Help.

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