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Ministry of Cow Protection & Agriculture to Host Event on Global “Hidden Hunger”
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  May 08, 2024

On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, May 10th, 2024, ISKCON’s GBC Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture (MCPA), will host a pioneering event via Zoom, addressing the critical issue of “Hidden Hunger” and unveiling the Feed the Earth project. Hidden Hunger,” malnutrition caused by a deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals, silently undermines the health and vitality of over 2 billion people worldwide. Unlike traditional hunger, hidden hunger doesn’t manifest in hunger pangs but severely impacts physical and intellectual development.

The Feed the Earth project is a beacon of hope, an extension of the MCPA, illuminating the path toward sustainable living. By tackling hidden hunger at its roots through regenerative agriculture, ecosystem restoration, community empowerment, and policy reform, ISKCON is committed to nurturing both the earth and its inhabitants.

In a statement to ISKCON News, Kalakantha Das, ISKCON’s MCPA, shared the profound significance of the Feed the Earth project. Reflecting on the ministry’s journey, he highlighted its evolution from conception to fruition, marked by dedication and effort. “Launching the research teams on sustainable living this Akshaya Tritiya, we’re not just addressing hunger but building systems of abundance,” Kalakantha remarked.

Kalakantha Das at one of our farm communities.

The event promises a riveting lineup of speakers, each poised to shed light on a different facet of the hidden hunger crisis. From the conceptualization of holistic approaches to sustainable living to the exploration of cow-centric agriculture, attendees can expect a wealth of insights and inspiration.

As the event draws to a close, participants will not only gain a deeper understanding of hidden hunger but also a renewed sense of purpose. Kalakantha’s leadership is guiding ISKCON’s MCPA toward a future where abundance flourishes, communities thrive, and hunger—both seen and unseen—is but a distant memory.

For those eager to join the conversation and learn more about ISKCON’s transformative initiatives, further details can be found by connecting with the Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture here

To join the May 10th call for the Feed the Earth Project – Discussions on Hidden Hunger Event, see the Zoom info below:

Topic: Feed the Earth on Hidden Hunger

Time: May 10, 2024 03:30 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 970 6691 3490
Passcode: 630438