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ISKCON Durban Welcomes Thousands to its 36th Annual Festival of Chariots
By ISKCON News   |  Apr 15, 2024

Photo courtesy, Indradjumna Swami’s Facebook page.

ISKCON Durban held its 36th annual Festival of Chariots, or Ratha Yatra Festival, over the Easter weekend in Durban, South Africa. Thousands joined the colorful multi-day celebrations which reflects the diversity of the region’s rich diversity.  Held at Durban’s north beachfront, the procession, festival-goers were treated to kirtans, prasadam, book tables, dance and cultural presentations, mantra meditation, spiritual discussions, and more. Short workshops and seminars were also held, along with many family-friendly activities, including fireworks, a drama by Bhaktimarga Swami entitled, “The Age of Kali,” photo booths, and face-painting.

To learn many more details about the Durban Festival of Chariots, visit their Facebook page. To follow the ongoing service by ISKCON Durban please visit their website, Facebook page and Instagram. Indradyumna Swami’s team has produced a beautiful summary video of the event here.