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Greek-Catholic Seminarians Visit ISKCON’s New Navadvipa Mandir in Kyiv, Ukraine
By ISKCON News   |  Jun 07, 2024

On June 5th, 2024, a group of Greek-Catholic seminarians visited the ISKCON Kyiv temple with their professor as part of their religious studies curriculum, which includes learning about other spiritual traditions.  

Under the guidance of Acyuta Priya Das and Bhakti Caru Das, the group of seminarians experienced a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the New Navadvipa Mandir Temple. The guests actively participated in a lecture, posed thoughtful questions, and were treated to prasadam and kirtan. In a beautiful display of mutual respect, the seminarians concluded their visit by offering a prayer dedicated to Jesus.

Acyuta Priya Das, the new Co-GBC for Ukraine and GBC for Moldova, is now living in the country as part of his service to the thousands of devotees who have remained there despite the difficult conditions. The Kyiv community, like many others, continues to face severe hardships due to the ongoing war. “During the many air raid warnings, devotees go to a bomb shelter with the Deities,” said Acyuta Priya Das, “Electricity is being cut off regularly for 5-6 hours, then on for some time, then cut off again. But kirtans are still very happy, and visitors are still coming to the temple regularly.”

Devotees can offer support to different causes in Ukraine by visiting the Share Your Care Project.  Please visit its website to learn more.