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Gopal Krishna Goswami Tests Positive for COVID-19: Health Stable, Prayers Requested

By: on Aug. 31, 2020
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Gopal Krishna Goswami

Update: At 9AM on September 1st, Dr.Krishna Priya Das, on behalf of the HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja Health Care Team, delivered some encouraging news:

"After last night's rest, Guru Maharaja’s [Gopal Krishna Goswami's] temperature is normal, as is the blood pressure, his pulse rate and the Oxygen Saturation is at 97%. This is very encouraging. However, we need to continue to closely track Maharaja’s progress and it appears that Maharaja may need to remain in the hospital till the upcoming Saturday. We seek your kind support in continuing your prayers earnestly. We will keep updating you as and when there are some significant developments; in the meantime, as mentioned earlier, kindly refrain from calling up Maharaja or messaging him to ensure that his recovery process is uninterrupted and complete. Kindly forward this same message to your contacts."


The following statement was released by the GBC Executive Committee on August 30th to the worldwide devotee community:

Dear Devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

After a period of repeated fevers, it has been confirmed today that His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami has tested positive for Covid-19. Maharaja's health condition is stable at present with a low-grade fever. Doctors plan to run further tests tomorrow to rule out any complications.

We request the devotees to kindly offer sincere prayers at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Prahlad-Nrsimhadeva to protect this very exalted and kind-hearted Vaishnava.

Maharaja is one of the most senior devotees in our movement, having been personally appointed as a GBC member by Srila Prabhupada. In his fifty years of service to His Divine Grace, Maharaja has taken ISKCON to newer and newer heights of excellence through his dynamic preaching to the highest echelons of society, his expert management of various projects around the world, his personal care for the devotees, and his unparalleled example of perfect sadhana.

Let us join together to pray that Maharaja's health may be stronger than ever so that he may continue in his glorious service.

Thank you very much.

Hare Krsna,

Your servants,

Ramai Swami

Bhakti Caitanya Swami

Bhanu Swami,

GBC Executive Committee

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