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Food For Life Attends Slovenia's Largest Student Festival

By: on June 6, 2009
Slovenian president Mr. Danilo Tuerk congratulated Food For Life for their charitable work.
Recently, Food For Life Slovenia was present at 'Škisova tržnica' the biggest Slovenian students' clubs festival with more than students in attendance. Twenty volunteers prepared and distributed thousands of cookies, sandwichs, puris and papadams to students and participants.

During the day, Food For Life Board Member Borut Vidmar presented the charitable work of the organization to Slovenian president Mr. Danilo Tuerk. President Tuerk congratulated on the good work Food for Life is doing and after reading the flyer asked to take 100 flyers to personally distribute himself.

Food for Life Slovenia was officially established on 21st of March 2008 (Gaura Purnima), but has existed informally since 1992 when volunteers first prepared hot meals for Bosnian refugees. The organisation now has more then 40 volunteers and is working closely with the Center for Social Work in Ljubljana and Friends of Youth, distributing thousand meals to homeless and socially depriviledged youth in Ljubljana every month.

You can read more about Food For Life Slovenia at their web site:
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