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Exploring the Phenomenal Rise of the Mayapur Community Hospital
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jan 16, 2024

Dr. Uttam Pegu meeting with a young devotee.

The Mayapur Community Hospital is a testament to physical well-being and a beacon of holistic healing, transcending the conventional realms of medical care. Here are some of the updates on the phenomenal developments in the hospital including new staff, state-of-the art equipment, website, digital records, donation options, construction updates, and more.

Going Digital with Patient Care

Following an initial pilot program, The Mayapur Community Hospital has now trained all of its doctors on how to digitize the entire history, diagnosis, and prescription of their patients. Dr. Soumik, who led the piloting of this project, said, “I see how appreciative patients are that we are now keeping digital records of their visits and treatment,” said Dr. Soumik, “This will also eliminate possible medical errors in reading the handwriting of the doctors and enhance patient safety.” 

Additionally, the nursing department has introduced the recording of vitals on the patient management system, which increases patient confidence and reduces patient waiting time.  

New Website

Harilila Das, who is in charge of the health care division of ISKCON Mayapur, said, “Not only are the doctors and nurses using new digital tools, but we also launched our hospital website where you can get all the information about our existing services and new projects.” 

New State-of-the-Art Operating Microscope

December 2023 was eventful for the ophthalmology department of the Mayapur Community Hospital with the addition of a new state-of-the-art Carl Zeiss operating microscope, which has doubled the hospital’s capacity to perform cataract operations for the residents of Mayapur. 

New eye machines at the MCH.

Vision Screening Program in Partnership with Lion’s Club

This month, the hospital is focused on organizing a mass vision screening camp for all school students and teachers at Mayapur schools in collaboration with the local Lions Club. More than 1,000 students and over 100 teachers and staff will be screened for any vision defects. Free prescription glasses will be provided to all those in need.  

Dialysis Facility 

The introduction of the much-needed dialysis facility in the hospital means devotees who were hesitant to visit Mayapur due to their regular dialysis needs can now visit the Holy Dham with confidence that the hospital is equipped to serve them.  

New beds at the MCH.

New Pharmacy Appreciated, Two More Pharmacies are Planned

The new pharmacy, inaugurated by HH Indradyumna Swami, has become a favorite service point. Maharaj conveyed his deep appreciation for the efforts of the hospital team and the important services they are providing. He was pleased to learn about the free CT Scan service the hospital offers. This service has won the deep appreciation of all the poor villagers, ISKCON devotees, local Gaudiya Math devotees, and visitors. 

After visiting the pharmacy, HG Hrdaya Caitanya Dasa, a hospital authority and member of the GBC, said, “This place is no less than any good medical store in the West. Everything is clean, and the service is first class.” 

The authorities of the Mayapur Community Hospital are in the process of opening two more pharmacies, one on the way to Rajapur Temple and the other in Savrup Ganj.  

MCH Pharmacy.

Devotee Doctors Join the Team, More Needed

Dr. Uttam Pegu, MD (General Medicine), with eight years of experience working in Guwahati, joined the amazing team of doctors at the Mayapur Community Hospital in December. Dr. Harsha Makkham, MD (anesthesia and critical care), who was previously attached to AIIMS Kalyan, has also joined. He is also deputed to HH Jayapataka Swami as his personal doctor from the hospital side. The team also celebrated the addition of a doctor couple, Dr. Amit & Dr. Bhiba Kumari, who joined from Delhi earlier this year. 

Mayapur Community Hospital now has five full-time resident doctors, four resident dentists, including an implants expert, and more than 12 visiting specialists on the team. The numbers are continuously growing as they expand their banquet of services to the devotees, pilgrims, and dhamvasis. 

Dr. Sukhi Acyuta Das, the medical superintendent, said, “We are always looking for inspired devotee doctors, nurses, and technicians to join our team. We are currently on the lookout for a good Palliative Care specialist who can either join us or give us online support to provide care for our palliative care patients.” 

The hospital also welcomes doctors and others from around the world who want to volunteer to offer their services during their presence in Mayapur. They can easily register their availability on the website.

Dr. Sakhi Acyuta and Dr. Soumik.

Construction and Expansion Updates

The new building project is also moving rapidly with a multi-disciplinary team of experts led by architect Anupama Sheth. Most of the structural work of the main building has been completed. The brickwork on the ground floor is also almost finished, and the first and second-floor brickwork is in progress.  To see the latest construction photos on their website, visit the gallery here.  

Harilila Das said, “The codirectors of Mayapur want this project to be up and running before the Grand Opening of the TOVP. This goal will enable us to serve millions of devotees who are expected to visit Mayapur to witness the once-in-a-lifetime event of the opening of this great temple.” 

While they are busy completing this new building, they are also making substantial improvements to the existing building and adding on services quickly. The current building is being extended in the front to accommodate a larger reception and more doctor chambers to provide for the increase in staff.  

Natural Birthing Services

Mayapur Community Hospital also offers natural birthing services for expectant mothers under the supervision of highly experienced midwife Krsna Laulya Devi Dasi, who has moved from Australia to Mayapur specifically for this purpose. She is also training many young ladies to gain expertise in this valuable service.  

New Donation Options  

Mayapur Community Hospital has also recently launched a unique donation program called “ADOPT YOUR DAY OF CARE.” Through this new initiative, supporters can donate the cost of one day of care expenses to provide free/subsidized treatment to all deserving patients visiting on that day.  To learn more about this initiative, visit here. Indian citizens can donate to the hospital directly through this website.  

If you are a US citizen wanting to donate to the hospital and get tax exemption locally you can send your donations through Zelle or PayPal Transfer using the email (Please remember to include “Mayapur Hospital” in the remark).

Canadian citizens can donate locally by making a tax-benefitted donation to ISKCON Toronto here.

Looking at all these substantial developments, it is clear that the next time a devotee wishes to travel to Mayapur, they don’t have to worry about healthcare issues. Mayapur Community Hospital is there to take good care of them.  

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