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Drug Free Pain Relief: Reducing Pain without Medication

By: for Natural News on Sept. 11, 2014
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Aroma therapy is also used for pain reduction

When you were young, injuries were typically no worse than a scrape, a cut or a graze. They could be fixed with a kiss from a parent, an ice cream or a piece of chocolate.

As you age, injuries become more common and tend to last longer. They can’t just be fixed with a sugary treat and you’ll find yourself seeking medical advice more frequently. Even in your 20s your more prone to long-term injury than you were as a child, with your body slowly aging and with the stresses and strains of life starting to take their toll. Through your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, it’s important to find ways to manage any pain.

Don’t want to use medication? You’re not alone. Many people are desperate not to take tablets regularly…but what are your alternatives?

Warming and Cooling Products

Muscle aches? Sports injuries? Headaches? Back pain? Instead of reaching for the paracetamol or for stronger pain killers, consider heating or cooling pads, ice packs or gels that can help to reduce pain and swelling.

Many heat packs and cooling products are reusable, which means that investing a small amount of money will provide you with long-lasting relief. Many products aren’t much more expensive than a pack of tablets, and you can choose to buy a pain relief product for a specific part of your body or one that’s for general use.

Massage Therapy Products

What could be more soothing than a relaxing pain relief massage? Physiotherapists and holistic therapists can charge a lot of money for professional treatments, but you can avoid those costs or supplement their work with massage therapy products that you can use at home.

Massage boots are great for the feet, whilst back massagers can be small in size and easy to carry around when you’re travelling. You can also buy massage cushions that can be fixed to chairs in your house or in the car, making sitting down more comfortable.

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