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Devotees Celebrate 15-Year Tradition of Chanting Millions of God’s Names for Utah Residents
By ISKCON News   |  Jan 04, 2024

Devotees and guests at the two ISKCON temples in Spanish Fork and Salt Lake City, Utah, participated in their annual January 1st Japathon. The yearly event, which began in Utah in 2009, was inspired by Ananta Rupa Dasa, then president of the ISKCON Boise, Idaho Temple, which has held the event for over 25 years. The intention of the Utah devotees is that the blessings of the Holy Names be applied to the state’s residents by chanting at least one of Krishna’s names for each of the one million households in the Beehive state. 

That goal was more than tripled on January 1, 2024, with devotees chanting over 1,900 rounds between the two locations, totaling 3,285,656 names of God. “It was a very successful event with record numbers of New Year’s Day visitors to both centers,” said Caru Das, who, along with his wife, Vaibhavi Devi Dasi, founded the two communities. 

Visitors to the temples also joined in the contagious devotion by chanting 161 rounds total, and were treated to prasadam throughout the day. As the Srimad Bhagavatam instructs, “One should learn how to associate with the devotees of the Lord by gathering with them to chant the glories of the Lord. This process is most purifying. As devotees thus develop their loving friendship, they feel mutual happiness and satisfaction. And by thus encouraging one another they are able to give up material sense gratification, which is the cause of all suffering” (SB 11.3.30).

To follow the inspiring service of the devotees in Utah, visit their website. In just a few months, they will be hosting their 29th annual Festival of Colors at the iconic temple in Spanish Fork on March 30/31. For more details about that event and other festivals planned please visit