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Day Four of the GBC Mid-Term Meeting in Pune, India
By GBC Communications   |  Oct 30, 2023

The day four of the GBC Mid Term Meeting, hosted at ISKCON Pune, commenced with Srila Prabhupada Guru Puja prayers followed by a presentation on the new ‘Transcend‘ app from the BBT.  The meeting was presided over by the GBC Executive Committee, consisting of Revati Raman Das (Chair), Guru Prasad Swami, and Tapana Misra Das.

Other key agenda items discussed during the meeting included:
Review of SABHA
The GBC members were presented with an extract of the executive summary review of SABHA, which was conducted by the five-member committee consisting of Bhaktivaibhava Swami, Prahlananda Swami, Chandrashekhar Das, Gauranga Das and Govardhan Das. Sati Devi Dasi, Chair – SABHA, acknowledged the review and addressed the observations and recommendations presented. Following this exchange, the Review Team informed them that they would continue to engage with SABHA.

Guntur Deity Installation
The GBC was presented with a proposal to install Nrsimhadeva and Balaji deities in Guntur, India. Guntur was gifted land with the condition of installing deities of Nrsimhadev and Balaji. After considerable deliberation, GBC and the Deity Worship Ministry granted permission to Guntur temple to install Nrsimhadeva and Balaji. The worship shall be performed according to ISKCON standards with a separate altar for the respective deities.

Nomination for Zonal Supervisors
Seven leaders from North America and one leader from Romania were nominated for Zonal Supervisors. Members voted for the respective leaders.
Members voted for extending the GBC Meeting and GBC Quorum proposals.

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