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Construction Updates on the State-of-the Art Sri Mayapur Community Hospital
By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jun 10, 2024

Harilila Das (left); the Sri Mayapur Community Hospital under construction.

In a recent interview, Harilila Das, head of ISKCON Mayapur’s Health Care Division, shared the latest updates on the Sri Mayapur Community Hospital project. The ground-breaking initiative is spread across an area of approximately five acres and will have a palliative care facility, a birth center, and a nursing college.

The unique integration of healthcare, educational, and spiritual elements in the design is aimed at uplifting individuals and the surrounding region. Harilila Das explained, “In the Brahmastan, there will be a small Dhanvantri temple, and around that, our 250-bed superspeciality hospital will be there. So this is the plan for developing the whole hospital area.”

He continued, “The nursing college is a very significant part of the project. It can accept 60 students per batch, so in four years, 240 students can be trained. This is important for two reasons: First, we can train our local devotee kids to become qualified nurses and serve. Secondly, we can actually upskill the village people and the tribal people and train them as nurses, thereby giving them better career opportunities. So socially for us and for the surrounding that’s a very important project.”

Recently, the hospital management has carried out a major upgrade to the laboratory and investigation facilities by adding state-of-the-art equipment to the existing range of services. “Now we have automated equipment for all commonly carried out tests. We have also added a much-needed microbiology section to our lab. This means we can do all culture tests in-house. This is a very significant development with a big positive impact on patient care, timely diagnosis and treatment,” said Harilila Das.

The extension of the existing building frontage is going on in parallel. When finished, the existing building will have a bigger and more spacious reception. The number of consulting and treatment rooms will increase. An elevator for patients will be provided, and there will be individual waiting areas on each floor. 

Harilila Das and his team are determined to complete this project as soon as possible and encourage donations from everyone. He expressed gratitude for the collective support and commitment to realizing the ambitious vision for the Sri Mayapur Hospital project. 

To facilitate donations, individuals are encouraged to visit their official website.

The Sri Mayapur Community Hospital has a unique donation program called “ADOPT YOUR DAY OF CARE.” Through this initiative, supporters can donate the cost of one day of care expenses to provide free/subsidized treatment to all deserving patients visiting on that day.  To learn more about this initiative, visit here.

Indian citizens can donate to the hospital directly through the website. If you are a US citizen wanting to donate to the hospital and receive a tax exemption locally, you can send your donations through Zelle or PayPal Transfer using the email (Please remember to include “Mayapur Hospital” in the remark).

Canadian citizens can donate locally by making a tax-benefitted donation to ISKCON Toronto here.

See below for a gallery of some of the state-of-the-art equipment being installed and used at the Sri Mayapur Community Hospital.