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“Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary”- Art Exhibition Opens in Budapest, Hungary

By: for ISKCON News on Sept. 25, 2014

Winter at New Vraja Dhama, Hungary - an original drawing from Sivarama Swami's book Nava Vraja Mahima

On September 18th a special art exhibition opened at the Cultural Center of the Indian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. The “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary” exhibition displays over 40 original drawings from ISKCON-guru and author Sivarama Swami’s new book the Nava Vraja Mahima, a monumental work in glorification of New Vraja Dhama (or Krishna-valley), a rural Vaishnava community in Hungary.

The Nava Vraja Mahima book

The book, which is spanning through eight beautifully bound, artistic volumes is an account of Lord Krishna's pastimes as they manifest in rural Hungary, but it is also a great theological work giving a lucid but very thorough explanation why and how Krishna, His associates and His Dhama (abode) manifest themselves anywhere and any time in reciprocation of the love of His devotees.

Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara the presiding Deities of New Vraja Dhama

The Nava Vraja Mahima is a rare delicacy for bilbliophiles as it is illustrated by more than 400 original drawings made especially for the book by a whole team of artists led by Akrishna das. 

Srimati Radharani and Her friends

As the drawings themselves merit the attention, a collection of the best ones was made into a wonderful exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Indian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

Krishna and the gopis

The exhibition was opened with a special scholarly conference. The speakers were explaining the historical aspects of holy places, the correspondence between localities mentioned in the Vedic scripturesand present-day geographical locations, and the theological aspects of the manifestation of holy places were explained.

At the end of the academic program the art exhibition was opened by Mr. Malay Mishra, Ambassador of India in Budapest. 

Ambassador Mishra (left), Param Swami (middle) and the book's author Sivarama Swami (right) at the exhibition opening

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