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Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies Inaugurates Online Summer School in July 2024
By Arya Devi Dasi   |  Jun 21, 2024

The Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies (BIHS) is offering an innovative virtual summer school on July 13-14th (Saturday-Sunday) and July 20-21st (Saturday-Sunday). Four amazing sessions of online presentations will showcase the latest research and projects in the areas of consciousness, the philosophy of science, understanding the science within shastra, life sciences, the appearance of species, cosmology, what’s beyond the universe, and more. Registration information and links are below.

What is the BIHS? Srila Prabhupada set up the Bhaktivedanta Institute in 1976 to make the scientific and philosophical case that we are not simply material bodies, that life does not originate from physical matter, and that there is a purpose to our existence in this material cosmos in connection with the ultimate source of reality, the supreme conscious being, Krishna.

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Who are the BIHS members?

When the BIHS started, it was a small group of devotee scholars. In its early years, the BIHS produced definitive monographs and publications on consciousness, life sciences, and cosmology. However, in the following decades, the BIHS was not so visible in the lives of ISKCON’s devotees. The tide has turned, and in just a few short years, the BIHS has become an extensive international network of amazing scholars and scientists engaged in research collaborations, outreach projects, and interaction with the top academics in neuroscience, biology, and astrophysics.

How can the BIHS help me as a practicing devotee and in my outreach mission?

Now is your chance to find out what the BIHS researchers do and what’s available to help you better understand Prabhupada’s books and communicate with the public on matters of science much more accurately and effectively.

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Additional Details: The BIHS Summer School 2024 will be held over two weekends, July 13-14th (Saturday-Sunday) and July 20-21st (Saturday-Sunday). Each of the four sessions lasts three hours and covers a major aspect of BIHS projects.

Topics covered will include:

– Mind and consciousness interaction studies – latest research

– Consciousness is fundamental – a shift in academic thinking

– Mental health applications of spiritual practices

– Spiritual care and Near-Death-Experiences

– Extraordinary perceptual abilities

– Understanding the philosophy of science

– Studying the science of bhakti and metaphysics in Srimad Bhagavatam

– The Sankhya metaphysics of the Yoga Sutra

– History of resolving the Siddhantic and Puranic descriptions of the universe

– Vedic archaeology and human antiquity

– New reincarnation research – children’s recall of previous lives by our team

– How does the mind and the subtle body interact with the biological body?

– Evidence for consciousness-based life and the punctuated appearance of species.

– Inside the plans for Mayapur’s Science Museum of the Vedic Planetarium

– A conscious universe – new ideas in cosmology

– Bhagavat Cosmogenesis – mathematical analysis of what exists prior to the universe

– The chandelier model of the universe for the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium

Please click here for the complete list of presenters and topics.

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A chance to learn and get involved

This Summer School offers major benefits for attendees:

– Insights to some amazing BIHS research and projects

– Information and access to the library of BIHS-authorized publications and online materials

– Discover how you can get involved. Can your skills, education, or background assist these international devotee scientists in any way? Could you be a contributing researcher?

Register now! The summer school is free and open to participants of all ages, though students, early-career professors of science and philosophy, and doctors of medicine are especially encouraged to attend. The Zoom link will be shared with everyone who registers. Registration closes on July 10th. 

For more details and a registration link, click here. To learn about other upcoming BIHS events, click here or visit the website to learn about our many initiatives. If you have additional questions, please contact Arya Devi Dasi (Araceli Valiente) at the BIHS via email.