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15,000 Youth Get Euphoric at Xpressions 2017

By: for ISKCON News on April 21, 2017

The Namrock band on stage

The 8th of April, 2017, marked the day when over 15,000 youths from across the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, got the chance to get inspired by spiritual wisdom in a grand event entitled as ‘Xpressions 2017’ in ISKCON Kanpur. Emphasizing on ‘De-addiction’ and ‘Value Empowerment’ within youth, ‘Xpressions 2017’ was an effort by a team of ISKCON devotees to bring the youth closer to their roots, re-introducing them to the rich cultural heritage they have inherited, focusing on the need for a positive approach to life, believing in themselves and working hard. It inspired youths for ‘de-addiction’ through the ever joyful process of devotion and showed them how bhakti can be fun.

Devakinandan Das inspires the audience to chant

At twilight, at the beginning of the event, over 15,000 youths swayed and sang to ecstatic kirtan led by Haripada Das (ACBSP). The event was graced by the self-made entrepreneur Mr. Sajjan Jindal, Chairman of JSW Group of companies, celebrated actor Ronit Roy, Presiding Chairman of the Indian Premier League Mr. Rajeev Shukla, “What’s app monk” Gaur Gopal Das, ISKCON-guru Gopal Krishna Goswami, ISKCON Kanpur Zonal secretary Devakinandan Das, the electrifying Rock Band named ‘NamaRock Band’ from California led by Titikshva Karunika Das (ACBSP).

ISKCON Kanpur has been working closely with the leading education institutions of India, like IIT Kanpur, IIT Lucknow, NIT Allahabad, IIT Banaras Hindu University (BHU) along with many others, helping nurture the character of the students, shape their value system and infuse optimism into their thought process. The youth instantly took it up and connected with the devotees of ISKCON Kanpur,

Mr Sajjan Jindal - Chairman JSW Group

The chief guest of the event, Mr. Sajjan Jindal was an ordinary IIT student who learnt, worked hard and grew to be an inspirational role model for many students with commendable integrity, sincerity and confidence. Mr. Jindal was overwhelmed with joy to connect with the youth of such magnitude thus inviting the young IIT students to join him for their training as interns.

Xpressions 2017 struck the right note of positivity with the inspirational and witty speeches of Devakinandan Das, Gopal Krishna Goswami and Gaur Gopal Das.

Drama by IIT BHU students 

The fatal menace engulfing the youth in today’s age is drug addiction. The students of IIT BHU beautifully enacted the devastating affects of drug addiction, and highlighted how positive thinking and a spiritual connection with the Bhagavad-gita and chanting Hare Krishna can help one avoid being entrapped in this deathly addiction. Alongside this, there were a couple of captivating dance performances by the “Light Dance” troupe: a team of students of IIT Kharagpur and famed participants of India’s Got Talent.

To cater to the needs of such large amount of attendees, ISKCON Kanpur organized an “International Food Court” along with free prasadam distribution to all the participants.

The Prince Dance Group, the the winners of 'India's Got Talent'

The goal of the core organizer’s team lead by the temple president of ISKCON Kanpur, Prem Harinam Das, Nilamani Krishna Das and Kurma Avatar Das was make every participants of ‘Xpressions 2017’ motivated, inspired, and infuse them with positivity, confidence by connecting them with the rich culture of devotion. 

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